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On a Divine Mission

January 10, 2008 – The person who is waking up this morning in the presidential suite of the King David Hotel is a God-fearing man. A man who believes that a hidden hand brought him from Texas to the presidency in order to carry out a Divine mission. The president cannot say so publicly, but since September 11, 2001 it has been clear to him that the role assigned him is both historic and religious: to save America from the new barbarians; to defend the West from the Huns who are attacking it from the East. . . Full story:

Comment: Someone has a PhD in "strong delusion" as prophesied by Daniel and Paul. Truth has become lies, and lies are spoken as if they were truth. George II is led by the 'hidden hand' of the Huns who control the United States.

The Bombing of the King David Hotel

King David Hotel

The King David Hotel explosion of July 22, 1946, which resulted in the deaths of 92 Britons, Arabs and Jews, and in the wounding of 58, was not just an act of "Jewish extremists," but a premeditated massacre conducted by the Irgun in agreement with the highest Jewish political authorities in Palestine—the Jewish Agency and its head David Ben-Gurion. According to Yitshaq Ben-Ami, a Palestinian Jew who spent 30 years in exile after the establishment of Israel investigating the crimes of the "ruthless clique heading the internal Zionist movement," The Irgun had conceived a plan for the King David attack early in 1946, but the green light was given only on July first.

According to Dr. Moshe Sneh, the operation was personally approved by Ben-Gurion, from his self-exile in Europe. Yitzhak Sadeh, operations officer of the Haganah, and Giddy Paglin, the head of the Irgun operation under Menachem Begin agreed that thirty-five minutes advance notice would give the British time enough to evacuate the wing, without enabling them to disarm the explosion. The Jewish Agency’s motive was to destroy all evidence the British had gathered proving that the terrorist crime waves in Palestine were not merely the actions of "fringe" groups such as the Irgun and Stern Gang, but were committed in collusion with the Haganah and Palmach groups and under the direction of the highest political body of the Zionist establishment itself, namely the Jewish Agency. That so many innocent civilian lives were lost in the King David massacre is a normal part of the pattern of the history of Zionist outrages: A criminal act is committed, allegedly by an isolated group, but actually under the direct authorization of the highest Zionist authorities, whether of the Jewish Agency during the Palestine Mandate or of the Government of Israel thereafter. . .
Full story:

Comment: "The pattern of the history of Zionist outrages" remains unchanged.

German Finance Minister: No More Holocaust Reparations

November 23, 2007 – Finance Minister Peer Steinbrück said in Jerusalem. . . that Germany had no plans to renegotiate a Holocaust reparations deal signed with Israel in 1952. . . Since the 1950s, Germany has paid 26 billion euros (US$38 billion) in compensation. Around 1.7 billion of this went to Israel, the rest to German claimants. . . Full story:

Comment: The official, 46-volume register of deaths at the wartime internment center, now housed in the Russian Central Archives, records in meticulous detail each individual death, giving full name, profession, nationality, religion, date and place of former residence, parents' names, and time and cause of death, as determined by a camp physician.

Most of the deaths occurred during a serious typhus outbreak in 1943. Others were the result of natural causes, as well malnutrition and lack of medicines occasioned by Allied bombing of supply lines to the camp. A couple hundred were executed for sabotage. The total number who died at the facility is listed as 68,864 — of whom no more than 30,000 were Jews. Full story:

Provocation in the Strait of Hormuz

January 8, 2008 – US Navy warships are parked a few miles off the coast of Iran. They are there, apparently, to protect oil shipping lanes into and out of the Persian Gulf. Tensions are mounting. If provocation is at issue, those facts must remain front and center. If Iranian warships ever made it as close to the American coastline as US warships now lie to Iranian shores, our military would in all likelihood attack them. Iran is not attacking our warships—parked on their doorstep.

The US State Department last year warned Iran, "not to interfere with US interests in the region." What the State Department did not explain to the American people is what interests average Americans have in the region. The answer to that question is, likely none. That leads to the next question: whose interests is the American Navy protecting in the Persian Gulf? The owners of the oil tankers, apparently. The American people are the end consumers; we pay what's marked on the pump. Bluntly stated, the United States Navy appears to be in the Persian Gulf to protect the interests of US-based oil businesses, not the interests of the American people. Incidentally, the second-largest deposits of oil in the world lie beneath the soil of Iraq, so the same formula applies there as well.

Could Iranian forces sink an American ship a few miles off the Iranian coast? Yes, although it is highly unlikely that they would say beforehand, "I am coming at you, and you will explode in a few minutes." Would such a sinking take the lives of many good American sailors? Yes, it would. Such a sinking and the attendant loss of life would affect the best interests of the American people. The American armed forces are the true interest of the American people. For too long, the American people have turned a blind eye to their interest: their service members. It's time to bring our soldiers home and let the gas station mind its own business. Full story: Navy Fighter Jets Crash in Persian Gulf.

Iran called video and audio released by the Pentagon showing Iranian Revolutionary Guards boats confronting US warships in the Strait of Hormuz "fabricated," an English-language state-run television station reported. Might they have been crewed by Israelis?

Comment: Is "the City" arranging another Tonkin Gulf-9/11-style hoax to cause the innocent (brainwashed) citizens of the USA and innocent Iranians to fight another Hegelian war in the interest of the hidden aggressor of both nations? What we are not told that oil is abionic, that there are far greater reserves of oil, oil sand and oil shale on mainland America than in Iraq, and that the US dollar floats on the deceitful psychology that oil is a scarce resource and US military belligerence.

BBC censors Bhutto's Remarks about Osama bin Laden's Murder

January 3, 2007 – In early November David Frost talked to Benazir Bhutto about the risks she faced in an Al-Jazeera broadcast. What’s interesting however is that at 06:10 into the videoclip Bhutto says Osama bi Laden had been "murdered," a comment that Frost doesn't respond to or follow-up. See the Al Jazeera clip.

Here is the BBC's censored version. When the interview was carried by the BBC on its website, Bhutto’s remarks that Osama was murdered were edited out. The coverup occurs at 5:04, when the images switches back momentarily to Frost.

Comment: This Newsletter reported Mr. bin Laden's death several years ago. Alias CIA operative Tim Osman, he died of kidney failure in a US hospital in Dubai, UAE, on December 26, 2001.

The Cat that controls New Hampshire Election Programming

January 8, 2008 – John Silvestro and his small private business, LHS Associates, has exclusive programming contracts for ALL New Hampshire voting machines, which combined will count about 81 percent of the vote in the primary. . . Last fall, with the help of citizens like you, Black Box Voting began working on "Chain of Custody" projects, in which we identified some of the areas of concern that might affect many jurisdictions at once. First on the list for the Northeast US is LHS Associates, a vendor with inside access to every memory card, as well as to the chips containing the "brain" of the Diebold optical scan machines. . .

Black Box Voting purchased a Diebold optical scan with 1.94w firmware, and chose a computer repair shop out of the phone book, took it in, grabbed the first available technician. It took him less than 10 minutes to zero in on the memory card as a point of critical vulnerability—and, oh my, did he point out some other interesting things! . .
Full story:

The Tipping Point

Christians do not aspire to faith in Jesus Christ, which is a form of the Law of self-works, but to own and apply "the faith of Christ" (Romans 3:19-31; Galatians 2:16; 3:22; Philippians 3:9). Christianity is not learning only, but experientially living present Truth (James 1:19-27). Christ's Bride has matured beyond the "foolish virgin" stage of memorizing what Brother Branham said, to understanding he meant. In obedience to God's unchanging Word she has taken the spoken Word of the Message back to written Word of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. The inward "Voice of the Archangel" has separated her from the general run in the circle of the Message, lifting her beyond the Armenianism of, "the Prophet said, the Prophet said," to manifesting what He meant with the Token on display.

Our objective is not to encourage people to join our group but to get them into the Kingdom. If we can get the faith of God back in the people, they will know what to do and how to act. A doctrine that is not of God will fail, so let us concentrate on presenting the faith through personal witness, for if we contend with others, especially ministers, we may find ourselves doing the Devil's work by creating discord to no profit. If a man is elect of God, the Holy Spirit will bring him under conviction and guide Him into all truth of the Message for this hour. (However, please inform me of my error).

Jesus said, "A new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this shall all men know that you are My disciples, if you have love one to another" (John 13:34-35). As Paul explained in I Corinthians 13, though one has an abundance of Spiritual gifts, knowledge of all the mysteries, prophecy and mountain-moving faith, if he surrenders his wherewithal to feed the hungry and his body to the flames for preaching the Gospel—without the new birth to bestow in him the nature of brotherly love, he has gained nothing. The nature of the love of our Brother Jesus endures patiently, is kind, never jealous or envious, boastful or proud, never haughty, selfish or rude; does not demand its own way, is not irritable or resentful when others do it wrong. For when the prophecies are fulfilled, Gifts of the Spirit no longer stirred up and knowledge is passé—as we find in this holy convocation wherein the Bible has become a new Book—brotherly love will abide.

Whenever God reveals further Light it is not long before fellowship is broken and Brethren organize like those from whom they have separated as if their new revelation is all God has; and the spirit of error outpaces the Spirit of Truth. So when the Lord unfolds the vision more perfectly they find themselves imprisoned within their own denominational city of refuge. "All the Father has given to Me will come," but how are they going to escape the walls of their organization, or see Jesus Christ in the present Truth over your bulwarks of knowledge, prophecy, self-sanctification and good works?

Pray for those who are out of the way. Trust in the Spirit, and let brotherly love prevail.

Message folk have made the same mistake as their denominational fathers and organized upon Message quotes—prophecy and knowledge without the Spirit—instead of turning the key of the Message to enter into Christ, the Door. The Prophet said, "There's your denominational brother Esau setting up there (a good Presbyterian, Methodist or Baptist). Now, don't bother him. Don't fuss at him. Just pass by, and say, "How do you do, brother?" Walk right on. But you been wanting to get him and shake him and tell him he hasn't got nothing. That's right! Remember, he's got just what God give him. He come out of the same revival you did. Right? . . . don't go over on Mount Seir, now, 'cause I've give that to Esau. That's as far as he's supposed to go. That's all he knows about. That's the only thing he knows, is his denomination. . . That's all God give him. . . But the Pentecostal Jacob has the full promise down in the land, the thing that's going to happen. . . put you in the promised land, with the fullness of the Spirit, with every operation."

"As I stood the other morning in that meeting and seen that myself, that my ministry is a spiritual ministry, as I'm not much of a preacher. But notice, in those lines when they talked about Charles Price and him dying there, and Brother Shakarian prophesying that these things come to pass, oh, my spirit rose up within me, said, "That's it, that's it, that's it. If they could only see it, that's it. We're ready to go up and take the land. . . we're ready to do it when you sons of the old fighters gets together" (Turning Northward, #61-0129).

Many who followed Brother Branham out of Laodicea have wandered for a generation in a wilderness of the "letter" of the Message without the "Spirit," like those who followed Moses, and perished. Church Age saints, like Brother Branham, enter glory via the grave. The Pentecostal fighters are dying. We are the Joshuas and Calebs who turn neither to the right hand nor to the left from the fulness of the revealed Word and will step from these three dimensions in which we live by a mortal spirit in corruptible bodies—light, matter, and time—into the sixth dimension without seeing death.

Brother Branham said, "I think of St. Paul. . . All hopes was gone they'd ever be saved. And the little, old boat tossing about like that, and they was all crying, and fourteen days and nights. Paul was down there, had a vision. He came out, and he said, "Be of good courage, for the Angel of God, Who's servant I am, has stood by me and said, 'Fear not, for thou must be brought before Caesar. And lo, God's give all those who sail with you.'"

"When the ship wrecked and went up on the shores, and they got over there with the natives, Paul was picking up some sticks, and he went and laid them on the fire. And in there there was a big serpent, grabbed him by the hand. Now, that serpent injected poison in his hand that would've killed him within a minute. The natives said, "Watch that fellow fall dead, for he'll die just in a minute. He's in chains for preaching the Gospel."

"Religious people put him in chains. The very finest of churches that day was what put him in chains. If it just wasn't the Constitution of the United States, they'd do the same thing today. That's right. Just wait till she's—till she's broke a little more."

"And a serpent grabbed him through the hand. Now, watch. Paul didn't fear. He said, "Jesus Christ said, 'If they take up serpents, it shall not harm them'." So he walked over here, shaked him off on the fire; turns around and walks over to get some sticks and put back on the fire; turned hisself around and warmed his back, and turned around this way and warmed his hands. The natives said, "Why don't he die? Why don't that man die? He ought to drop dead?" But Paul was so full of the Holy Ghost (See what I mean?), so full of the Holy Ghost until the poison wouldn't poison him."

"Oh, brother, give me a church full of the Holy Ghost. God will do in one year what all theology's failed to do in two thousand years. You wait till the anointing of the church really strikes home to that faithful the little remnant. After the doors of the Gentiles is closed, oh, God will anoint a church then. "He who's filthy, let him be filthy still. He who's righteous let him be righteous still, and he who's holy let him be holy still." And God will anoint the church with the power of God, and things will be taken place. Not only that then, but He's doing it now."

"Watch signs and wonders. And the people look around and saying, "Well, it's of the devil." Oh, because they don't know the Scriptures, neither the power of God. And that's the reason it's there" (C.O.D. p. 145:199-204).

The Constitution of the United States is worth even less than their Illuminati ticket money dollar, and her alien-controlled government is itching to enchain Christians and honest-thinking, thinking people in the seven hundred plus concentration camps erected across the country. The generation of old Pentecostal fighters have just about gone. It is a lifetime, since the state of Israel was restored in unbelief, and Jesus said the generation that saw Israel restored to Statehood would not die out before His 'parousia' to Israel. Forty-three years have transpired since the Apostolic Faith was restored and "the mystery of God finished," and about thirty-three years since the end-time Bride reached the age of accountability in the "shout" or "midnight cry" of the Message, since when she has been growing to maturity by "the Voice of the Archangel" whispering His secrets to the heart of His beloved to condition her for the 'third pull'.

We've reached the tipping point, the training wheels are off. Those who are truly His Bride are approaching the finish line; scant time remains before the door is shut and the latter rain falls upon the just and the unjust. Just a little longer, and the Trumpet of God shall sound. "Some glorious day all of the gifts that's in the Church, will just be set aside on the mantle, as it was. And the Holy Spirit Himself will just take the Church in such a control of Divine love until the sick will be healed, the blind will see, the lame will walk, without being hands laid on them. It'll just be one great unity" (William Branham, Then Jesus Came, p. 2:13). Then "The wicked will do wickedly; and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand".

Happy New Year, little Bride of Christ. nl509.htm

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Brother Grigor-Scott is a non-denominational minister who has ministered full-time since 1981, primarily to other ministers and their congregations overseas. He pastors Bible Believers' tiny congregation, and is available to teach in your church.

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