Bible Believers' Newsletter 556

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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Typing natural Israel with Spiritual Israel, (the Church), Brother Branham has shown that as the Jewish church betrayed Joseph when his brothers sold him for almost thirty pieces of silver, there is a betrayal in the church today—our nominal Christian brothers are conspiring to sell us. The Protestants are going to band together in Rockefeller's World Council of Churches and unite with Catholicism to fight Communism, and the non-denominational Churches that stand for the truth will be persecuted. Soon the showdown will come between the mark of the beast and the Seal of God. And, brother, if the Holy Spirit's not in there, you'll be deceived as sure as the world, because it will look so nice. You'll say, "Let us make another agreement and Christianize the world back." And the people will jump into it. They'll confederate the churches, and try to make Christianity one unit. And the Bible says in Revelation that he made an image unto the beast and exercised all the power the beast did before him. . . You're right here in the end of time, brother. We're at the end of the age (Israel in Egypt, p. 26:166-167).

Some time after the midst of Daniel's Seventieth Week Communism will bomb Vatican City State and the USA off the face of the earth. This will precipitate Armageddon and the consummation of life.

The main article this week speaks of the Communist takeover of "our freedom" which has been betrayed by politicians who have signed our nations into fetters of Communitarian dictatorship without reference to their communities. It discusses the coming rupture of the US Constitution, the imminence of the 'squeeze,' and the 'third pull'.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ, Anthony Grigor-Scott

Mumbai: Where are the 14 Other Pakistani-Trained Terrorists?

December 3, 2008 — The terrorist attacks in Mumbai appear to be a continuation of false flag operations conducted by agencies of 'the City of London' such as the CIA, Mossad and elements within the US Administration creating the enemies they need. It follows the pattern of 9/11, 7/7 and increasingly violent black ops over the past thirty years, diverting attention from a multitude of high crimes and internal investigations, and providing a pretext for perpetual wars while 'the City's' media distracts the public with stories of bogus WMDs, fabricated evidences, etc., all the while eliminating "our freedom" which the terrorists "hate," and if logic holds true, make them envious of our Orwellian police state.
Full story: Fourteen terrorists still not accounted for  Mossad, ISI, CIA and dirty tricks?

Comment: I have been off-line this week and there have been no details or explanations forthcoming from our controlled news media, but the truth whatever it is, will come to light in time. The most obvious purpose of this exercise would be to create a pretext for disarming or destroying nuclear-armed Pakistan in World War III between a political Zion, bristling with nuclear weaponry, and political Islam.

The upset will come after earthquakes sink Los Angeles beneath the Pacific and demolish the Dome of the Rock, igniting a brief World War III, collapsing the US dollar. The Judaeo-Roman Catholic church will be peacemaker, saving "our freedom" from Communism. But after a brief bloody rule, Rome will be destroyed by the 'hidden hand' of her even bloodier creator.

Establishment disinformation: is one CIA/MOSSAD black op covering for another CIA/MOSSAD black op?

Pope expected to visit Holy Land Next Year

November 27, 2008 — Pope Benedict is expected to visit Israel and the Palestinian territories next year in a trip significant for political and religious relations in the Middle East . . . The trip, which the sources said would most likely take place in the spring, would be Benedict's first to the Holy Land since his election in 2005. Two of his predecessors in modern times, John Paul II and Paul VI, visited the Holy Land.

It also would help to ease recent tensions between Catholics and Jews over the role of wartime Pope Pius XII, who some Jews have accused of turning a blind eye to the Holocaust. . . Full story:

Comment: Pius XII, Eugenio Pacelli, was Jewish (Black Nobility). Here is a record of his activities during the Second World War. Whoever the pope is next spring it is possible he may be visiting his new global capital.

UN General Assembly President calls for Boycott of Israel

Washington, November 25, 2008 — Israel filed a formal complaint with the United Nations on Tuesday over statements made by UN General Assembly President, Father Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann of Nicaragua, who called for an international boycott of Israel after accusing it of being an apartheid regime. D'Escoto went on to decry the "Our Greatest Failure."

The United Nations is currently marking its annual International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, which is set on the anniversary of the 1947 date it adopted Resolution 181, calling for the partition of the land under British control into two states—Jewish and Arab.

Over the course of two days the General Assembly will host a series of anti-Israel venues, including exhibits on Palestinian suffering and films comparing Israel to the Nazi regime. The pinnacle of the event will come in the form of a marathon of discussions, to culminate with the passing of six resolutions against Israel. These include ones calling for the return of the Golan Heights to Syria and the division of Jerusalem.

In his address on Monday d'Escoto said: "Although different, what is being done against the Palestinian people seems to me to be a version of the highest policy of apartheid." D'Escoto said the fact that Palestinians still had no statehood represents the "single greatest failure" of the UN. The General Assembly president called on international institutions to boycott Israel and sever its financial ties to the world, and for the imposing of sanctions against Jerusalem . . .
Full story:

Comment: On the subject of apartheid, Rabin made a secret deal with Hezbullah and pulled out of Lebanon. The deal permitted Hezbullah to fire rocket or artillery into Israel, but at only one target, that being Kiryat Shmoneh, a town of 15,000—90% Sephardi, 85% of whom are Moroccan, making the town expendable to the establishment. As Defence Minister, Rabin's first duty was to protect the Ashkenazi Labor/left kibbutzim around Kiryat Shmoneh, and the Ashkenazi towns along the border.

Sharon entered into secret negotiations with Hamas (a creature of Israel that received funding from Prime Ministers Shamir and Rabin). His number one concern was Israel's fourth largest city and Sderot, a mostly Moroccan town, sacrificed to save Ashkelon.

Disposable Youth in a Suspect Society

November 25, 2008 — "While there is little question that the United States—with its burgeoning police state, its infamous title as the world leader in jailing its own citizens, and its history of foreign and domestic 'torture factories'—has moved into lockdown (and lockout) mode both at home and abroad, it is a mistake to assume that the Bush administration is solely responsible for transforming the United States to the degree that it has now become unrecognizable to itself as a democratic nation. What the United States has become in the last decade suggests less of a rupture than an intensification of a number of already existing political, economic, and social forces that since the late 1970s have unleashed the repressive anti-democratic tendencies lurking beneath the damaged heritage of democratic ideals. . ."
Full story:

Comment: The world is witnessing the development of an Orwellian plan.

The American People demand to know: WHO SENT YOU???

November 27, 2008 — Obama has lived for 48 years without leaving any footprints—none! There is no documentation—no records—no paper trail—none—this is no accident. It is being done on purpose with Media help—but to serve whom and why???

Missing/Hidden Documents:

Original, vault copy of Certificate of Live Birth in the USA—Not Released (1 version hidden in Hawaii, Original found in Kenya)
Certificate of Live Birth—Released—Proven Counterfeit (
Obama/Dunham marriage license—Not released
Soetoro/Dunham marriage license—Not released
Soetoro adoption records—Not released
Fransiskus Assisi School, School application—Released
Punahou School records—Not released
Selective Service Registration—Released—Proven Counterfeit
Occidental College records—Not released
Passport (Pakistan)—Not released
Columbia College records—Not released
Columbia thesis—Not released
Harvard College records—Not released
Harvard Law Review articles—None (maybe 1, Not Signed)
Baptism certificate—None
Medical records—Not released
Illinois State Senate records—None (Locked up to prohibit public view)
Illinois State Senate schedule—Lost (All other Illinois state senators' records are intact)
Law practice client list—Not released
University of Chicago scholarly articles—None

Why don't We see One Word of This in any of the Media?

. . . The Supreme Court has scheduled a Conference for December 5th about Obama's US Citizenship. Still not a word about any of this from the Media; if it were not for the Internet and talk radio, American citizens would become the servants of a dishonest & conspiratorial Media. . . Full story:

Comment: December 1, 2008, An Open Letter to Barack Obama:

Representing thousands of responsible American citizens who have also taken an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America, I am duty bound to call on you to remedy an apparent violation of the Constitution. . .
Full story:

They Hate Our Freedom


The 2008 US Presidential race was won by Senator Barak Hussein Obama II who it seems is not a natural born US citizen or a citizen at all. Action is before the US Supreme Court. Should it disregard the Constitution and rule Obama eligible for the office of president, basing its decision on mob psychosis generated by its enthusiasm for abstract noun "change," this would be inconsistent since citizens were almost unanimous in their opposition to war against the abstract noun "terror." But seriously, should the Supreme Court rule in Obama's favour, the Constitution will be finished and the nation dissolved by law. The US would be a without-law country . . . or no country at all, and a dictatorship.

One way or another, Brother Branham's vision of the caribou with forty-two inch antlers will shortly be fulfilled.

Daniel and Jesus Christ prophesied dictators would assume power at this time in the apostate once Christian world through the revival of the Holy Roman Empire (Daniel 7; Revelation 13:1; 17). Brother Branham alluded to the rise of dictatorships in his teaching The Feast of the Trumpets. Israel's Sixth Trumpet (Revelation 9:13-21) which began manifesting in World War II loosed 200 million demons of persecution, that have bound Roman Catholics and Protestants with superstitions and pagan dogma, upon the Jews who have been bound for nearly two thousand years at the river Euphrates, which was the eastern boundary of the Roman Empire. As Jewish Pope Leo X (1513-1521) said, "How well we know what a profitable superstition this fable of Christ has been for us".

Brother Branham was speaking in the vernacular, so when he says "Jews" he is generally meaning Israelites descended from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, which would exclude at least 95% of so-called Jews today. The divine purpose of the Fifth and Sixth Trumpets or First and Second World Wars was to force Israel back to the homeland for her redemption. God deals with Israel as a nation, and His Constitution or Covenant with Israel is without effect outside the land. All Seven Trumpet judgments are loosed on Israel, and of course the impersonators in their midst who were pawns in the games of their leaders. Anyone claiming to be an Israelite living outside the land, even a rabbi, is deceived and a deceiver of men.

It is important that you distinguish between Jews and blood Israelites. The leaders of the Jews were among the conspirators for these and many other wars: such Jews as Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt were their "useful Idiots." Jewish international banksters financed both sides of these wars, and it was Jewry who in 1933 declared War on Germany. Again, on September 5 1939, two days after the Anglo-French declaration of war on Germany, Chaim Weizmann, president of the Jewish Agency, wrote to the British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain. In his letter, he declared: "We Jews are on the side of Great Britain, and shall fight for democracy." He added that "the Jewish representatives are ready to sign an immediate agreement to allow the use of all their resources in men, techniques, material aid and all their capacities." This letter was printed in "The Jewish Chronicle" of September 8, 1939; it was a genuine declaration of war on Germany by the Jewish people and raised the problem of internment of Jews in Germany within concentration camps as "citizens of a nation at war with Germany" (Roger Garaudy, The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics, 1996).

C. H. Douglas observed, "Nothing could ensure the safety of the Jews so effectively in a European War as a ferocious display of anti-Semitism (I use this misused word advisedly in this instance). It immediately establishes the 'persecuted' as non-combatants; it provides a mass of "refugees," [required to forcibly populate the new state of Israel approved by the "Balfour Declaration" negotiated in exchange for US support of Britain in World War I] . . . puts them in the well-known position of backing every horse in the race . . . and is an example of using an army, not without loss, but with a minimum of loss, and the minimum of risk of final defeat. . ." (C.H. Douglas, Programme for the Third World War, p. 20).

Zionism, Capitalism, Communism, Nazism and Fascism were all developed and funded by the same diabolical mind employing the Hegelian dialectic as a strategy to achieve world hegemony—"By Way of Deception Thou shalt do War." Like the Lord God, the 'hidden hand' is anxious to establish a state in the land promised to Abraham from which Lucifer incarnate will rule one world government.

Isaiah 14:12-14, "How you are fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How you are cut down to the ground, you conqueror of Goyim! You have said in your heart, I will ascend to heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit on the mount of assembly, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will rival the Most High".

Daniel 9:26-27, "[the prince of Rome] will confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he will cause the sacrifice and offering to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, until the consummation is poured out on the desolater".

Daniel 11:45, "He shall pitch his palatial tents between the sea and the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end with none to help him".

Brother Branham said, "There's that Roman Empire bound there by what? The ecclesiastical powers, which Rome, pagan Rome became papal Rome, and was bound there in its traditions of Christian, what part of Christian and superstitions it had of Rome, putting together all these worship of women, and all these other kind of stuff, and Christmas days, and holidays, and holy days, and things. It's been bound by that tradition that it cannot let loose, because it's against Christian principles. Still the same ungodly, pagan spirit. . . And that spirit caught into the nations of the world, according to the prophecies of Ezekiel, and the rest of them.

And they were loosed upon the Jew, who knowed nothing of the Spirit. There's your mysteries that's hid under that [Sixth] Seal there. See? Notice that we went through it. And that'll show you this trumpet here, this last trumpet, what takes place. There they are; these trumpets are let loose on the Jews, (don't you see?), not on the Gentiles. The Gentile, when them Seals was opened is sealed away. Time has ended; the Church is called."

(The PART-Word saints ordained to the Church Ages were all baptized into the Body by the close of the Laodicean Church Age when Christ's Mediation terminated. Redemption was over because His end-time Bride and the elect Israelites being ordained to the fullness of the Word through the mysteries of the Seals and Trumpets and were fully redeemed redeemed in Christ on Calvary do not require mediation. Then He fulfilled Revelation 4, 5 and 10:1-7 to call His end-time Bride into the rapture, which is a revelation. After the Bride of all Ages is taken Home for the Wedding Supper in the Sky, God will anoint two Hebrew prophets to gather the 144,000 elect Israelites by the revelation of the Seven Trumpet mysteries).

"Two thousand years, this spirit through the Roman people, the Roman church, could not move. But that same spirit, coming up first down there into Mussolini in Rome, the dictator . . .

You know the seven things He showed me in '33 would come to pass? Five of them's already passed. Doctor Lee Vayle's writing a book on it there now. See? Five things perfectly, and just two more things to happen. Said it'd happen just before the Coming. Here we are right at the end now, and look like that sixth thing is moving right up. See? [The rise of the Roman Catholic church and its dictatorship over the United States]. Perfectly, exactly, even the wars and how they'd happen exactly on the dot, and not one time did it miss.

Listen folks, we ought to take inventory every hour. We don't know where we're standing. Real close!

Now, now, he loosed upon . . . Under that Sixth Seal, these two hundred thousand [thousand] spiritual demons, started in Rome, Germany—Hitler. Notice, over in the Bible where they received power as kings, but wasn't crowned. A dictator's not a crowned king, just receive power as a king.

Oh, the Spirit of God is moving through me now (you know?) just saying something; I don't know how to say it, nor what to say and maybe I'd better not" (The Feast of the Trumpets, p. 21:163-174).

He felt tempted to speak of dictatorship in the United States.

In his Message The Invasion of the United States he said, "But let me tell you, when Mr. Roosevelt—the man's dead, let him rest; I trust he is—come in, and run in three or four terms, and taken over, just a preliminary dictatorship . . . I can prove to you, that in the Scripture, where That said it'd take place. That's right. We haven't got no more Constitution. She's broke to pieces. Everything's all smattered. The Republicans is just as bad. It's six of one, and half a dozen of the other one.

For every kingdom is going to be smashed, but the Kingdom of Jesus Christ shall stand and reign forever. That's right. Upon . . . Daniel saw the Rock hewed out of the mountains, and hit the political world back there and mashed it into a grinding powder like that, like the wheat on a thrashing floor in the summertime. But that Rock grew into a great mountain that filled the whole heavens and earth. That's it.

The political world's gone. Our nation is broke. You remember that, that Brother Branham said that, THUS SAITH THE LORD. Our nation is debolished. It'll never rise. She's gone, like all the rest of the nations. It's the greatest nation in the world standing today, but the very seed of the Devil has been planted into the hearts of the people; how it come into Hollywood, how it got out into the people, and begin to this. . . And you can't tell them nothing.

Get a President up there who'll try to close whiskey, and not have prohibition, see what would happen. He'd be shot in two hours after he got in there. Sure, he can't stand it; the whole world's against him. Yes, sir. You couldn't do it.

She's gone. She's invaded, and the spirit of communism has took over.

Go to our schools today, look at our school children. Our little old fellows that go to school, you just ought to know what goes on. Little girls down here in the schools, and things like that, at the age of fourteen and fifteen, their mammy sent them to school, wrecked morally, mentally, dope fiends, dope addicts, cigarette pumpers, everything else like that; and a little bitty age, the little children like that. It'd be as hard to find a virgin among some of them as it would be to find a needle in a haystack, where they have blanket dates with the boys, and stretch on these river banks and everywhere else.

And I can prove it to you, my friends. I wouldn't say it in the pulpit 'less I knew what I was talking about. Of schools right here in our counties, right in here in these counties, of those little ladies dressing, don't know. . . telling their mothers that they're going to different places, and meeting boys and even prostituting on the streets of Louisville, (what is it?) and sing in choirs.

Because they got a little old social Gospel standing there, where preachers stand and talk about little petty things, and little bitty stories of the Bible, or something like that, instead of preaching repentance and bringing men and women to the altar.

Her daddy walk in at night and light up his cigar, take a glass of beer, and set down and drink it. Mother's out through the daytime with a bunch of women at some card party, some social like that. How can you expect the child to be anything else? Look, whatever an environment you live in, that's what you are.

You take a little bitty girl, little bitty boy, put them out here, let them live with somebody. . . You take a man. . . I can take my boy, let him be out for a day with somebody; let me come in, I can almost tell you who he's been with. Certainly. Watch, that environment, that spirit catches him" (The Invasion of the United States, p. 25:203-213).

Keep the Token on display and the environment it creates can save your loved ones, their sanctified life will maintain their place in the Book of Life.

Brother Branham referred to F. D. Roosevelt's presidency as a "preliminary dictatorship." Preliminary means "preparatory, preceding and leading up to the main business." In other words the United States is to enter another dictatorship.

In his Message The Third Exodus (p. 23:1) he said, "And Mr. Kennedy, nationalized that "guard" and sent those men right back into the face of their own fathers, standing there under the constitution; that broke the Constitution again. Said, "We'll not fight, no, sir," and said, "I hope the nation can find out that we're not living anymore under a democracy, but under military dictatorship."

He called President Kennedy "a pharaoh who didn't know Joseph," a "dictator," and "an Ahab with a Jezebel behind him," referring to the Roman Catholic church which will be the last dictatorship.

In his Message Look Away to Jesus the Prophet said, "So the third pull is here. It is so sacred that I mustn't say much about it, as He told me in the beginning. Said, "This, say nothing of it." You remember that years ago? It speaks for itself . . . I've tried to explain the others, and I made a mistake. This will be the thing that, to my opinion . . . I don't say the Lord tells me this . . . this will be the thing that will start the rapturing faith for the going away.

I must lay quiet for just a little while. Now, remember and who is listening to this tape, you might see such a change in my ministry right away, dropping back, not going up; dropping back. We're right at the age now, and it can't go any further. We have to wait here just a minute until this happens over here to catch up, [the sinking of Los Angeles and the 'squeeze'], and then the time comes. But it's thoroughly identified.

There's coming a time upon, in this nation, to where this nation is going to exercise all the power that the beast had before it, which was pagan Rome, when it become papal Rome, see, that this nation will do that.

Revelations 13 plainly explains it. The lamb came up out of the earth. The other beast came up out of water, thickness and multitudes of people. This lamb came up where there was no people. A lamb represents religion. The Lamb of God. . . And remember, it spoke like a lamb. It was a lamb.

And then after while it received power and spoke like a dragon, and exercised all the power the dragon had before him. And the dragon is Rome always. So don't you see, Roman denomination, "a mark"; Protestant denomination, "an image unto the beast," making a power that'll force all Protestants like a union. You'll have to be into this Council of Churches, or you won't be able to have fellowship . . .

Well, it's practically that way now. You can't go to a church and preach, 'less you have a fellowship card or some identification. And now, on persons like ourselves, we're going to be cut out of all that altogether. That's exactly, because they won't be able to do it.

It's tightening; and then when that time comes, and the press comes to a place to where you're pressed out, then watch (what I am fixing to tell you in a few minutes) watch the third pull then, see, and it'll be absolutely to the total lost, but it will be for the Bride and the Church.

Now, we're closer than it seems to be. I don't know when, but it's real, real, close. I may be building a platform for somebody else to step on. I may be taken before that time. I don't know. And that time may be this coming week that the Holy Spirit will come and bring Christ Jesus. He may come this next week. He may come yet tonight. I don't know when He will come. He doesn't tell us that.

But I do believe that we are so close, that I would never die with old age. Yet at fifty-four years old, I'd never die with old age until He's here. See? Unless I am shot, killed, or something, or other, some way killed; just old age wouldn't kill me, until He's come. And I believe that" (Look Away to Jesus, p. 6:43-51).

Abraham was 100 when he and Sarah received new bodies in order meet their promised Son. If Brother Branham were with us today he would be 100 years of age in April 2009. So if he would "never die with old age" the Seventh Trump and our body change must be imminent.

The Roman Empire began its revival under the Sixth Trumpet and two hundred million demons loosed a natural persecution upon the descendants of natural Israel and their impersonators by the impersonators. Rome has always been the enemy of the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Israel—blood Israelites—not self-styled Jews. The ungodly spirit seeking to usurp Christ's kingdom and establish global hegemony arose in Babylon where it denied the One true God with Lucifer's trinitarian religion, developed the art of warfare and established the first world empire, fiat money and the system of usury known as fractional reserve banking which dominates and enslaves people to debt. Babylon became Lucifer's earthly headquarters whence he has stretched forth his tentacles of dominion by mercantile law and punishment, incarnate as the Babylonian Talmud and more recently in the Universal Commercial Code (UCC) enforced by Admiralty Law based upon precept rather than statute, ignoring natural law and common sense, and overriding Common Law and Statute Law enacted by elected representatives of "we the people," and trial without Jury.

When the apostate kingdom of Judah emulated her banished sister's idolatry the Lord brought the nation under Babylonian captivity for correction, but Judah disobeyed His commandment and rebelled whereupon God had Nebuchadnezzar raze the temple, destroy Jerusalem, and He extended Gentile domination to the consummation of life on earth (Hosea 1-2; Daniel 9:27; Luke 21:24). Babylon was succeeded by the empires of Medo-Persia, Greece and Imperial Rome. Rome will endure and rule to the consummation as the Papal or so-called 'Holy' Roman Empire in which church and state are united. Daniel foretold how Lucifer's ungodly spirit would rule over each of these pagan empires, persecuting true worshippers of his Rival, Jesus Christ, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, who called Papal Rome "Mystery, Babylon the Great," and her (once) Protestant daughter churches "harlots."

The history of the Roman Empire records her persecution of natural and Spiritual Israel. With the modern revival of the Roman Empire the persecution is moving from natural Israel to Spiritual Israel, Christ's end-time Bride. The foolish virgin and whosoever does not receive Rome's trinity of gods and obey her image—her once Protestant denominational daughters and the guns of the United States—should be killed (Revelation 13:15-18). Protocol 7:6 states:

We live in the transition or holy convocation of the fiftieth day of the antitype of Israel's Pentecostal feast following the close of the Laodicean Church Age just before Daniel's Seventieth Week and the tribulation, but already we have seen numerous false flag diversionary operations designed to provoke hatred against the worshippers of Jesus Christ, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel—Christians and elect Israelites—being conducted throughout the world by the diabolical mind of agents of 'the City of London' like MI5, MI6, Mossad and the CIA—always working under another name and in a different occupation. These include: Kosovo, 9/11, 7/7, genocidal aggression against Iraq and Afghanistan, unprovoked threatenings against Iran; the Port Arthur Massacre, many college and shopping mall massacres; bombings in Madrid, Jordan, Indonesia, Bali, and now Mumbai (creating a pretext to disarm or destroy nuclear-armed Islamic Pakistan). We 'human cattle' or Goyim have been conditioned like Pavlov's dogs to believe this terrorism is perpetrated by Muslims who "hate our freedom" just as we have been brainwashed and threatened to believe Zionist claims that six million Jews were exterminated in World War I, that six million Jews were exterminated after that war by Jewish-ruled Communist Russia, and that six million Jews were exterminated in World War II. In their lewd holy book, the Babylonian Talmud, Gittin 57b states Vespasian killed 4 billion Jews in the city of Bethar, and Hadrian slaughtered 1.2 million Jews in Alexandria. Gittin 58a claims Rome wrapped 16 million Jewish children in scrolls and burned them alive. Many other exterminations are claimed by this inventive and remarkably fertile race—a million Jews here, and two millions there.

George Orwell, whose Jewish name was Eric Blair was an 'insider' in the conspiracy to establish world hegemony, in his novel "1984," the government cultivated fear to keep itself in power and rationalize its authority and exploitations. They even dropped bombs on themselves as we have seen in 9/11, 7/7, the Madrid train bombing, etc., to lend credibility to their fabricated myths such as al Qaeda, the hunt for long dead CIA operative Osama bin Laden, man-made climate change and the hole in the ozone layer, "peak" oil, repressive policies such as curfews, Y2K and internet censorship.

Anyone with their eyes opened to a knowledge of the record of history can see that the artificial national divisions of Yankees and Confederates, the Arab states, India and Pakistan, African nations, Israel and Pakistan, China and Taiwan, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, East and West Timor, East and West Germany, North and South Korea, were all created as strategic levers for political advantage to direct history to its pre-planned conclusion. The source records of true history, not the government-sanctioned lies taught in our institutes of education, identify the 'hidden hand' of planners, who do not believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob otherwise they would not have been the architects responsible for the League of Nations and the United Nations, or championed decolonization with the ulterior motive of enslaving the independent states to corrupt leaders and such public debt as would coerce them to swap their wealth of natural resources in exchange for "forgiveness" of debt created out of thin air. This fraud is currently being replayed on developed nations like Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa where the spirit of Laodicea, which means "rights of the people" or Judaeo-Communism, is creating tribal Bantustans of so-called 'first nations' to divide, conquer, impoverish and then steal their natural resources. As a shield against retribution they have opened the floodgates of legal and illegal immigration to inassimilable peoples contrary to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, and "we the people" . . . "as it was in the days of Noah" (Genesis 6:1-4; Matthew 24:37).

This is the fruit of our undemocratic Hegelian sham democracies wherein the alien 'hidden hand' controls the major political parties, selects candidates and officers, directs and even writes legislation. One of their selected candidates is presently waiting upon the Roman Catholic-designed Electoral College to vote him in or out of the White House . . . assuming the Supreme Court does not first uphold the Constitution and rule him ineligible.

Brother Branham said, "Now the ecclesiastical realm has been opened from the natural revival of the old pagan Rome, went forth on those Jews [he means Israelites, the Roman Catholic church is a Jewish construct], which has always been their enemy (the lion with teeth and everything, that stomped down and broke out the people, Rome [Daniel 7:7, 23; Revelation 9:17-19]), always been God's enemy [as have the Jews, Deuteronomy 7:1-2; Matthew 23:33-35]. And it was turned loose in the same spirit by the dictators of the world, because the religious system was still holding; now it's been loosed" (The Feast of the Trumpets, p. 23:182).

The world religious system was "loosed" from the Word of God in 1963 when the denominations rejected the revelation of the Seven Seals which is "The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him, to show to His servants things which must shortly come to pass; and He sent and signified it by His angel [William Branham in a series of visions] to His servant John" (Revelation 1:1; 3:17-20). Since that time Christ has been calling the wise and foolish virgin out from Rome and her (once) Protestant daughter churches into the unity of the faith for the manifestation of the Sons of God. The Message of grace they rejected was Christ the fullness of the Word (I Corinthians 13:10). It was the "midnight cry" of Matthew 25:6, the "shout" of I Thessalonians 4:16, and the mystery of the Seven Thunders of Revelation 10:1-4, that was confirmed by the heavenly "voice" of Revelation 18:4.

Having rejected the Messages of God's throne guards, the four living creatures (Gk. 'zoon') which represent the 144,000 elect Israelites who will surround the Presence of Christ and His Bride, denominational people have turned to the fables of the "beast" (Gk. 'therion'), metaphorically the brutal, savage and ferocious bestial man of Revelation 17:11-13, "the beast that was, and is not, is an eighth king, and is of the seven, (one will die; another one take his place. He was; he was not; he was; he was not), and goes into perdition. And the ten horns which you saw are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. These have one mind, and will give their power and strength to the beast."

These are not kings, but ten (elected) dictators who receive power as kings. Their king is from the bottomless pit (Revelation 9:11; 17:8).

For the past forty-five years the denominations have "loosed" themselves from the revealed Word of God which is Christ, and "bound" themselves to "the mark of the beast"—Rome's trinitarian creeds, false baptisms, confessions and other fables from pagan Babylon, making them wild and untamable like apostate Israel which was pruned from the cultivated olive tree. Now the churches in the world church system are materially rich but naked of the blood, bankrupt of faith, blind to revelation, and know it not. The Presence of the Holy Spirit in Christ's Bride (who is the Blood of Christ by the baptism of the Holy Spirit) is holding the beast and its image from a bloody orgy until He departs this earth in our translation, then will "that man of sin, be revealed, the son of perdition" uniting the world's religions to restore peace. After being proclaimed president of Lucifer's one world government by the United Nations in New York City, he will travel to Jerusalem, his new capital (II Thessalonians 2:3, 6-8; Acts of the Holy Spirit, p. 12:87).

Brother Branham said, "They got a play going on in Louisville now, "Ben Hur." They had the "Ten Commandments" not long ago. I wish they'd ever take one of, if they could, of the fifteen hundred years of dark ages. I wish they'd put that on: (see?) Fifteen hundred years of pagan persecution, when they forced everybody and killed them, murdered them, strung them up. Put an ox on one and an ox on the other hand, and make them either kiss the crucifix or start one this way or that way. I've put my hand, right in Switzerland, behind the posts where they stood there and cut their tongues out and called them witches and everything else. That's exactly right. Right.

And that same spirit exists today. It's just the law that holds it down. Wait till it gets its freedom. The Bible said so. Just wait till it shows its colors, it gets a chance to. You might vote it in pretty soon, for all I know. See? It will; it'll come. There's no way of keeping it out. It's got to come. That's right. It's got to come; it's coming. So when it does, you just watch. But, brother, you want to know this one thing; "I know Who I have believed." Amen. Marching right on. See? That's it" (Adoption, p. 218-219).

America and the whole world will vote it in after it restores world peace (Revelation 13:1-8).

The Prophet said, "Notice, the loosing of this ecclesiastical spirit. Now, twenty years later after that war, we see the loosing of the ecclesiastical spirit, what under? The Seventh Seal, the Seventh Trumpet to the Jew. Look at the moon darkening out. [The church no longer reflecting God's SON-Light]. . . The Son of man being drove from the church." [The rejection of the Seals "loosed" the 200 million demons in the ecclesiastical realm because "when that which is perfect has come that which was in part, [the religious system with its creeds is unable to withhold them] since Christ is no longer a Mediator for PART-Word which is done away" (I Corinthians 13:10).

"What is it? Joining in with the ecclesiastical bunch. The ecumenical move, and with the World Council of Churches has drove every man. . . What does that thing stand for? Why, you have to surrender all your evangelical teachings and things. How can two walk together less they be agreed? They can't. Jesus said they can't. And how can a church of Methodists and Baptists walk together? How can the Church of Christ walk with the Presbyterians? How can the Catholic walk with the Protestants? How can Protestant walk with Protestant? But the Bride can walk with the Word, which is Christ; it must be in agreement, not the ecclesiastical system, but the Word. You have to agree with the Word to walk with the Word. Jesus said so; that makes it right" (The Feast of the Trumpets, p. 24:192; Amos 3:3).

"Well, what has it done? In the cunningness, as He said, he'd come in like flatteries [Daniel 11:21, 32, 34]. And what has he done? He's bringing the Protestant ecumenical council of the world churches, the spirit of antichrist, upon both of them [the Roman Catholic beast and its (once) Protestant image], bringing them to the slaughter, just like they did the other in a hour to call the Bride. How? Loosed in the ecclesiastical church, spirit. Loosed upon what? Not upon the denominations, upon the Bride. But here you'd get it; the Bride will not go through that time. The Bible says not. The church will, but not the Bride. Can't you see? Ministers, can't you see that, brethren?" (The Feast of the Trumpets, p. 24:183).

Property Rights, Common Law, Natural Law, and the need to protect individuals from tyrants is the basis for the legal system in America. American law was designed to protect citizens from their government.

"The launch of the Washington-based National Institute for Judaic Law was marked with a kosher dinner at the Supreme Court attended by 200 people, including three Supreme Court Justices—Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Stephen Breyer, and Antonin Scalia.

The Jerusalem Post, November 9, 2002 reported: "US President George W. Bush sent greetings and applauded the institute for promoting an "understanding of Judaism's rich tradition of legal thought. . . As we face new challenges and welcome new opportunities, our society must continue to promote good character and strong values. Through the study and teaching of Jewish law and philosophy you are contributing to a growing culture of service, citizenship, and responsibility in America".

This quote by Bush explains the "new" communitarian ideology of Americans' need for assigned, mandatory community service, the new requirements for American citizenship based only in communitarian values, and the new responsibility all Americans have to the emerging communitarian collective government. US rule of law is rapidly changing on many different fronts.

Obama is following the dictates of the anti-Christian and fraudulent "Noahide Laws" mandated by George Bush I when he signed Public Law 102-14, (102d Congress, March 20, 1991 [H.J. Res 104]) which states emphatically that all civilization from the beginning has been based upon a set of laws entitled "The Seven Noahide Laws". On October 16, 2004 George Bush II signed the Global Anti-Semitism Review Act into law establishing the Office of Religious Persecution Monitoring within the US State Department to monitor global anti-Semitism and report annually to Congress, laying the legal ground for similarly draconian measures as in Judaeo-Communist Russia where it was a capital offence to possess The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, or under the medieval Judaeo-Roman Catholic church which extracted similarly harsh penalties upon lay persons for reading or possessing a Holy Bible. The same ungodly spirit has been loosed.

The "change" Obama has promised Americans is the communitarian ideology of compulsory community service assigned by Big Brother as their obligation to communitarian collective government. In a communitarianized Amerika, everyone will be required to bow before a court enforcing Talmudic, communitarian laws, presumably a Talmudic court under direction of the Sanhedrin Council that was restored in Tiberius in 2004.

According to Webster's Universal Dictionary, Communitarianism is community or local Communism. United Nations Local Agenda 21 (LA-21) and Communitarian Development Programme is regimenting all nations to collectivise by 2020.

The communitarian plan for reinventing a global government was adopted by the UN in 1992 at the Earth Summit. There were no public votes cast for or against it in any of the "free" nations. Average citizens were not consulted. In most free and democratic countries, the nation's taxpayers (who pay for it) were never even told about it. The major media outlets were mostly silent while for seventeen years, the UN's LA-21 laws have been imposed on all 166 member nations.

There were no big discussions of its purpose or ultimate consequences. It just slid into law. No major editorials, no explanation of how it would be imposed, it was barely announced by the national governments who endorsed it. Only a few enlightened locals understand LA-21 requires a total reorganization of government systems. It eliminates individual rights in the "free" countries. National systems of political economy are subservient to LA-21 laws.

The plans are generally thought of as a "good thing." So few people bother to read their new vision for community, even if they know there's a plan. Why should they? It's presented by experts, and none of us common folks are experts, are we? Besides, really nice people promote it as a just, scientific, holistic, grass-roots, non-threatening way of cleaning up the world and making it a friendlier place. The barriers are outdated national governments, and the millions of selfish people who cling to the idea of local rule. The entire world must be merged into a communitarian system. Because so many resist, it's best if only a few know about it until the integration process is complete.

Now do you see the true identity of those who "hate our freedom"? London (Babylonian finance), Rome (Babylonian religion), and Washington (Babylonian "freedom"—communism) are the locus of world control. Each Satanic 'front' is vying for world hegemony, and according to the master plan of the 'hidden hand,' after World War III is ended, those who aspire to undisputed world domination will provoke the greatest social cataclysm the world has ever known. We quote from the letter catalogued in the British Museum Library:

    "We shall unleash the Nihilists and Atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will be from that moment without compass (direction), anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view, a manifestation which will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time" (William Guy Carr, Pawns in the Game, p. xv-xvi. This strategy is corroborated by Dr. Dennis L. Cuddy PhD in The Power Elite's use of Wars and Crises).

The key factor to Talmudic law is that unlike God's Word, which is infallible and can never change (Malachi 3:6; Hebrews 13:8), Halacha is not fixed law, but is constantly challenged and rewritten according to case law precepts. Portions of the Talmud were never written down, they contained secrets passed orally only to elite initiates (much like Freemasonry). And anyone who objects to the overall authority of Talmudic law, or even portions of it, is labeled anti-Semitic. The Noahide Laws are for Gentiles.

Brother Branham said, "Religious people put Paul in chains. The very finest of churches that day was what put him in chains. If it just wasn't the Constitution of the United States, they'd do the same thing today. That's right. Just wait till she's broke a little more. . . After the doors of the Gentiles is closed, oh, God will anoint a Church then" (COD, p. 145:201, 203). nl556.htm

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