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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

What can I say regarding the news items in this issue? We live in dangerous times; you must study the links for yourself. The controversial claims made by respected names damn our alien-controlled media and politicians who debase currencies and pledge economies to international banksters who would master the universe; and they insinuate engineered pandemics and other conspiracies by our leaders who sacrifice their nations to the Moloch of Lucifer's one world government already rejected by Jesus Christ, the God they claim to worship. As I write, our leaders are at the UN discussing global taxation. Obama said, "It's for the poor!" Jesus Christ, the God he claims to worship, said, "You will always have the poor with you."

You help the poor not by giving them money but by teaching them how to earn money and become independent. For sixty years the UN has given away other people's money to maintain the dependence of the poor. Nuclear energy was withheld from developing countries because it will provide cheap energy enabling the development of viable secondary industries and independent economies, while in the West, cheap coal-fired electricity generation is discouraged in order to destroy prosperity, and productive economies have been transferred to countries like China which is liable to economic destruction and revolution at the whim of the banksters. After world depopulation the 'hidden hand' of Lucifer and his children will make the billion survivors useful to the ruling class dependent serfs. Meanwhile they are training populations in dependence upon state and church welfare, drug addiction, redress for imagined "rights" of one kind or another, even feigned "offence" on grounds of race, gender, and false history for which truth is no defense.

Our leading citizens demean themselves groveling for approval from the children of Darkness, and as king Canute's courtiers flattered him into believing that his word was so powerful that even the tide would recede at his command, the Australian government with similar hubris, has appointed a "climate change" minister to charge for the air we breathe under cap-and-trade scams devised in conjunction with the "climate change" fraud. "Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against His anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. He who sits in heaven shall laugh: the Lord will have them in derision. Then He will speak to them in His wrath, and vex them in His displeasure".

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ, Anthony Grigor-Scott

Bankster "Holiday" Planned for September?

June 22, 2009 – Bob Chapman's influential International Forecaster is reporting on the possibility of a so-called "bank holiday" planned for late August or early September. According to Chapman's sources, US embassies around the world are selling dollars and stockpiling money from respective countries where they operate.

"Some US embassies worldwide are being advised to purchase massive amounts of local currencies," writes Harry Schultz, "enough to last them a year." Schultz publishes the Harry Schultz Letter, an international investment, financial, economic, and geopolitical newsletter named as "Newsletter of the Year" by Peter Brimelow of Market Watch in 2005 and 2008.

Schultz believes the global elite are in the process of engineering an FDR-style "bank holiday" of undetermined length in order to "sort-out the bank mess" and impose new bank rules. . . Full story:

Comment: The Bilderberg 2009 Intelligence in already proving accurate—"change" voters did not anticipate. Obama's regulatory "reform" plan is putting the wolves in charge of the chicken yard. As prophesied, a Rothschild takeover of the United States through the Federal Reserve under cover of the Roman Catholic church and its Protestant daughters. Like his masters, America's new Jewish President is using subterfuge on the Goyim as instructed by the Talmud.

What actually happened in the Iranian Presidential Election?

June 22, 2009 – There were a total of 45,713 ballot boxes that were set up in cities, towns and villages across Iran. With 39.2 million ballots cast, there were less than 860 ballots per box. Unlike other countries where voters can cast their ballots on several candidates and issues in a single election, Iranian voters had only one choice to consider: their presidential candidate. Why would it take more than an hour or two to count 860 ballots per poll? After the count, the results were then reported electronically to the Ministry of the Interior in Tehran.

. . . the Islamic Republic of Iran has never missed an election during its three decades. It has conducted over thirty elections nationwide. Indeed, a tradition of election orderliness has been established, much like election precincts in the US or boroughs in the UK The elections in Iran are organized, monitored and counted by teachers and professionals including civil servants and retirees (again much like the US).

There has not been a tradition of election fraud in Iran. . . Full story:

Mousavi directed the bloody attacks on the US embassy and Marine Corps barracks in Beirut that blew 241 US Marines, Sailors, and Army troops to pieces in 1983. (I knew one of them). Mousavi was also "fingered for the 1988 truck bombing of the US Navy's Fleet Center in Naples, Italy, that killed five persons, including the first Navy woman to die in a terrorist attack". Full story: The CIA was planning "soft color revolution" in Iran six months ago.

Comment: So much for glib-tongued Prime Minister Rudd and illegal President Barak whatsisname. Death is riding his pale horse as public broadcasting systems and politicians in obeisance to 'the City of London' have lied to "we the people." It is telling that protesters in Iran always seem to have English placards to hand, as if they want to be seen by those outside rather than by their own people.

American Airlines exposes Bush's Big Lie: Flight 11 DID NOT FLY on 9/11!

June 22, 2009 – American Airlines itself is the source for information that AA Flights 11 (North Tower) and 77 (Pentagon) did not fly on 9/11. These flights are critical to the government's crumbling cover-up! Without those flights, Bush and his murderous co-conspirators will have to revise the big lie. They will have to concoct yet another cover story from the ground up! A cover-up is on the brink of collapse when those guilty of capital crimes and high treason either turn on one another or are forced to revise the lie!

If neither flight was in the air as American Airlines itself has so stated, then numerous 'official versions' of the 'official conspiracy theory' are all a pack of malicious lies. That includes almost every statement made by Bush. It is, in my opinion, probable cause to indict Bush and his co-conspirators for the crimes of mass murder and high treason.

WikiScanner discovered that American Airlines changed their Wikipedia entry to state that Flights 11 and 77 never flew on 9/11. Original entry was:

Two American Airlines aircraft were hijacked and crashed during the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack: American Airlines Flight 77 (a Boeing 757) and American Airlines Flight 11 (a Boeing 767.

New entry is as follows and it includes the bolded text below:

Two American Airlines aircraft were hijacked and crashed during the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack: Flight 77 (a Boeing 757) and Flight 11 (a Boeing 767).

Although these flights were daily departures before and a month after September 11, 2001. Neither flight 11 nor 77 were scheduled on September 11, 2001. The records kept by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics ( do not list either flight that day. . . Therefore, the Bush theory of 911 is a deliberate lie. . . Full story:

The Zionist Gang that Bankrupted General Motors

June 23, 2009 – General Motors did not fall due to natural forces. Like the twin towers on 9-11, GM was taken down. Like 9-11, GM was sabotaged from the inside. The corporate raiders who took down GM are part of the same network of Jewish Zionists who brought down the World Trade Center. . . Full story:

Discussion of Holocaust to be Banned?

June 22, 2009 – The recent tragic death of a security guard at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, allegedly killed by an individual said to be a "Holocaust denier" is now being touted as a reason to institute laws in the US similar to those laws outlawing so-called "Holocaust denial" in force in 14 countries, mostly in Western Europe.

However, long-standing evidence suggests that those who advocate such measures in the United States do not intend to directly confront the issue of "Holocaust denial" in pushing such legislation. Rather, they intend to deal with the issue through an insidious tactical "back door" approach. The scheme has been in the works for a long time and is not to be confused with the long-standing drive (once again before Congress) to set up a federal "hate crimes" bureaucracy . . .

The ADLís plan is to outlaw what it called "group defamation" that could be considered hurtful against certain specifically identifiable groups of people and thus potentially spark violence against them. In fact, the ADLís contention is that hurtful language actually constitutes "violence" in and of itself. . . Full story:

Taliban Defectors: US, Israel funding Militants

June 19, 2009 – Two militant leaders who defected from a notorious Taliban chief in Pakistan have revealed that their comrade was pursuing a US-Israeli agenda across the country. A prominent militant leader, Turkistan Bittani, who broke away from Baitullah Mehsud, called him "an American agent".

Mehsud, a warlord in his late 30s, has claimed responsibility for dozens of devastating string attacks on both civilians and security forces throughout the feared region. Baetani emphasized that Mehsud was being funded by US and Israeli intelligence services for brainwashing innocent youths. The insurgents' chief has recruited several teenagers who have carried out dozens of suicide attacks on Pakistani mosques and educational institutes over some past months. Baetani also noted that al-Qaeda and Taliban leadership was never targeted in the dozens of US drone strikes in the country's troubled north-west region.

Another defector, Qari Zainuddin, said that Mehsud had established strong links with Israeli intelligence services which were destabilizing the nuclear armed country. "These people (Mehsud and his men) are working against Islam."
Full story:

Qari Zainuddin was assassinated on Tuesday and at least 45 people have died in a missile strike by a US drone aircraft. Those killed in South Waziristan had been attending a funeral for others killed in a US drone strike earlier on Tuesday.

Comment: Obama's undeclared war against Pakistan continues because USrael will not tolerate a nuclear-armed Islamic state able to withstand the hegemony of Lucifer's soon-coming totalitarian one world government.

South African Rape Survey Shock

June 18, 2009 – "One in four South African men questioned in a survey said they had raped someone, and nearly half of them admitted more than one attack. The study, by the country's Medical Research Council, also found three out of four who admitted rape had attacked for the first time during their teens. . ." Full story:

Predestinated unto the Adoption of Sons by Jesus Christ to Himself – Part IV

I John 1:7, "If we walk in the Light, as He is in the Light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin".

The essential message of this verse generally flies over our heads until it is paraphrased: "Unless our life is a written epistle of the present Truth, we cannot share true Christian fellowship with the saints of the present dispensation, neither come under the blood or be born-again, which is to be placed or "adopted" into the Body of Christ, and will remain in our sin of unbelief in the revealed Word for the hour".

The admonition repeated at the conclusion of the Message to each Church Age: "He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches," leads you to understand I John 1:7 is emphasizing the importance of "rightly dividing the Word of Truth" to recognize your day and it's Message to ensure you are walking in the Light God has sent for you rather than sincerely impersonating the Word sent for the saints of a day gone by. The Word of God is not static as many imagine, but living, dynamic, prophecy. In each Age the Spirit was speaking to "whomsoever will [listen]"; His Message was unique to the Age He was addressing but with twofold intent. To the elect and Word-born Bride it brought eternal Life and peace; to the churches of the non-elect who were dilatory and slothful, or did not encounter the Spirit with the letter it brought tribulation, and to the churches of sinners who dismissed the Message it brought death.

The new birth comes to those whose lives become written epistles of the Word for their Age by receiving a clear revelation of what the Spirit has said through the ministry of the "angel" or major apostle sent to that Age. We receive the Spirit as we receive the angel's Message and prove the revelation in our own Bibles, because the inspired Word is Spirit in a form we can receive by faith.

As we move in Christian circles we meet many Anglicans, Presbyterians and Lutherans whose lives are written epistles of the "angel" Martin Luther's Message; we meet many Baptists and Methodists whose lives are written epistles of the "angel" John Wesley's Message, and Pentecostals whose lives are written epistles of the "letter" of Brother Branham's Message. This is praiseworthy as far as they have believed, but the measure of Spirit associated with their faith is insufficient to produce the new birth in this day and they are restricted to walking in the glare of a day gone because that is what their church organizations believe and teach.

Luther, Wesley and the Pentecostals did run well in their day; back then their Messages produced many saints, but those dispensations have passed into history. Luther's Sardis Church Age came out of the Dark Ages and began the reformation of the Roman Catholic system of false worship (Revelation 3:1-6; 14:6-7). The elect of his day received the revelation of Justification by grace through faith and when they offered it back to God Christ received that PART of the Word and interceded for their ignorance of the fullness. But when the last saint predestinated to the Sardis Age was born-again in 1750, that part of the Body was complete and God revealed another precept, another line to the angel of the Philadelphian Church Age, thereafter the measure of Spirit in Luther's Message would no longer deliver the new birth.

Through John Wesley God added to Luther's Justification the revelation of sanctification by the blood. As the natural blood stream maintains your health and vigor by cleansing you of impurities, the Spirit-revealed Word separates the profane from that which is pure to setting the mind of your mortal spirit in order for holiness, and that brings your body subject to the Word (Revelation 3:7-13; 14:8). This is a further step in the Light for individual Christians, and for the Body it marked a further stage in the reformation of the Roman Catholic system of false worship introduced at the First Nicaea Council.

The Philadelphian Church Age ended in 1906, thereafter no matter how holy future generations of Wesleyans might live, Wesley's Message could not place an additional saint in the Body of Christ, for once their part of the Body was complete God added another line, a further measure of faith to build the Laodicean division of the Body. In Laodicea He added to Luther's Message of Justification and Wesley's Message of Sanctification the revelation "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and forever." This restored the gifts of the Spirit to the Body, but since the Bible was still sealed with Seven Seals the saints had only PART-Word, Christ received the revelation of the hour and placed the ignorance of the Pentecostal saints under the Blood.

The Laodicean Church Age completed the reformation of the Roman Catholic system of false worship, however Christendom refused to keep on walking in the Light and the seventh Church Age ended in apostasy in 1963 (Revelation 3:14-22; 14:9-13). Christ's Mediation in the Office of Son of God was fulfilled and the Mercy Seat having became a Judgment Seat, the bleeding bloody Lamb advanced from the Outer Court where His body had lain as a sacrifice on the brazen altar to the Holy of Holies, where as Lion of the Tribe of Judah He claimed the Title Deed to the Kingdom He had redeemed, tore open the Seals and descended to earth in the Office of Son of man, placing judgment on the Roman beast from the sea, and on the United States beast from the earth.

After the close of Laodicea the Lord revealed the mystery of the Seven Seals through William Branham, the "angel" to the Seventh Church Age, the prophet-messenger of Malachi 4:5-6 and Revelation 10:7, whose ministry restores the hearts of the children to the faith of their apostolic fathers and reveals the mysteries of the Seven Thunders in Revelation 10 which are the revelations contained in the Seven Seals. It is these divinely revealed 'mystery-truths' that literally turn the hearts of the children to their Pentecostal fathers.

There was a measure of Spirit-quickened Word allotted to each Church Age. It was delivered by God's "angel" or messenger to the Age for the elect of that Age, and although others may hear it with interest or disinterest, body of Christonly those called and chosen by God's foreknowledge from the foundation of the world are ordained to receive and be regenerated by the Message to their Age and reflect the nature of Christ's character predominant in that part of the Body.

If you were predestinated to the Laodicean part of the Body, you have been blessed by Luther's Message, and Wesley's Message, and you must receive those revelations, but they do not possess sufficient Spirit to quicken a Pentecostal saint to the new birth. And if you are a Pentecostal saint you were baptized into the Laodicean part of the Body prior to the opening of the Seals and are not ordained to fully enter into the revelation for Christ's end-time Bride. The Pentecostal Message has blessed many in Christ's end-time Bride, but only the end time Message can place us into the Capstone of the Body in this holy convocation of the antitype of the fiftieth day of Israel's Pentecostal feast, which is the dispensation of our jubilee and "full adoption".

So there is a Word for an Age, a measure of Spirit ordained to quicken that Word, and a finite number of elect souls predestinated to receive the Word for their dispensation. Thus the Body of our Lord is built by nine different baptisms of the Holy Spirit, each representing a different virtue of the character of our Lord.

The Holy Spirit in the Mediatorial Office of Son of God was the Messenger to Pentecost; the revelation of the Seven Seals brought Him back to earth in the Prophetic Office of Son of man as the unseen Messenger to the Capstone Age. He is Alpha and Omega, the Word at the beginning and the Word restored at the end: He is not the PART-Word in between. He ordained seven "angels" to the Church Ages, writing each a letter encrypted in Old Testament symbols which He revealed to each man in his dispensation. It is the revelation of the letter inspired to the angel by Jesus Christ that baptizes the elect of his Church Age into the Body and condemns those who reject it. Throughout the Gentile dispensation eternal Life has only ever been available through the revelation of the Message of the angel to that Age. Portrayed in this present day in the Office of Son of man dressed as a Judge (John 5:27), Jesus said, "the mystery of the seven stars which you saw in My right hand . . . the seven stars are the angels to the seven Church Ages." These men are worthy, no one can pluck them from His right hand, the symbol of His authority and power delegated to His adopted or placed leaders whose word He will honour as His own. It is not you or I who were in the right hand of the Lord, but Paul, Irenaeus, Martin, Columba, Martin Luther, John Wesley, and William Branham. Christianity is not a do-it-yourself religion. God does not care for your human reasoning trying to out-guess His ordained Messengers; God is sovereign and we either follow the man He has sent and inspired with the Word for our Age, or we will not be absent on that day.

Now you see why no one can be born-again under denominational teaching in this day. No matter how dearly you love the Lord, speak with other tongues, understand all mysteries, have faith to move mountains or give your body to be burned, unless you are born-again you are no more than "a sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal," and only the Word for your day can bring you to new Life in Christ. As Paul explains in I Corinthians 12 and 13, "by one Spirit we are all baptized into one Body [but that Body] has many members"; there are the Pentecostal saints, the members from the Ephesian Church Age, saints from the Smyrnean Church Age, and so-on.

So-called Jews, British Israelite and Christian Identity sects will disagree, but unlike the family of the first Adam, the Family of the last Adam is not born by sex but by faith in the Spoken Word, hence the Gospel is to "whomsoever in Adam's race will receive it." The Word God spoke for the feet or Pentecostal saints ceased to create when the feet were completed as there were only two of them, and each foot had only five toes. Were He to say "Let there be feet" when He was building legs that word would fail, because the feet are already complete, and were He to say in the leg age "let there be a head," He would be speaking that word in vain, for the head cannot be created until the body is complete. Consequently if we are crying for new birth by the faith of Lutherans, Presbyterians and Anglicans; Methodists, Baptists, or even Pentecostals, our prayers will not be answered until we step into the Light of the present Truth—what Jesus is doing now.

What would Moses have accomplished had he told the Israelites, "We're going to build a big boat and float down the Nile?" It worked for Noah but it would not have worked for Moses to whom God revealed a different portion of Word for a different purpose. What if on the day of Pentecost Peter preached, "This is the second exodus, God is calling the Church out of Israel as He called Israel out of Egypt: we're going to march through the desert to Christ and the millennium. It worked for Moses, but it would work for Peter! Noah, Moses and Peter lived in different dispensations in which God was fulfilling different parts of His plan of redemption; the elect in each of those times had to recognize their day and it's Message. God can only adopt or place His elect in their preordained position in His Word. He is a sovereign God; we must discern and submit to His will, not try to bend Him to our interpretation of His Word.

The Message of the seventh Angel expounded the Spiritual (Word) boundaries that determined the position of the saints predestinated to each of the seven Church Ages just as Joshua placed the Israelite tribes in their inheritance defined by certain landmarks. Now that the revelation of the Seven Seals has finished the mystery of God and restored the apostolic faith, Christ's end-time Bride has the certainty of THUS SAITH THE LORD by a vindicated covenant prophet as to precisely where the saints of each New Testament dispensation are placed in the Scripture of Truth, in time and in history. Since you know these things you will not fall into the folly of ignorantly impersonating the Word of dispensations past, for the Message has provided a clear Scriptural vision of "things which are to come" (John 16:13), showing which Scriptures you will fulfill as His end-time Bride who must live and speak by revelation—THUS SAITH THE LORD—not theological guesswork, for she is a WORD Bride with the mind of God to exercise the 'third pull' in the Name of God.

The Law given to Israel through Moses brought the nation from the unconditional grace of God's Covenant with Abraham to condemnation, sin and death. This will seem confusing if you are looking at the map of the exodus in your Bible which shows mount Sinai in Egypt but when you consider the true location of mount Sinai according to Galatians 4:25 (Exodus 2:15; 3:12; Isaiah 11:11, 15-16), which is in Saudi Arabia on the eastern shore of the Gulf of Aqaba as shown on this map you will understand how Israel tried the longsuffering of the Lord with their murmuring and unbelief at Marah, for bread and meat, at Rephidim, at Meribah and even at the Red Sea, before the giving of the Law.

Mount Sinai types the Breach between the Church Ages of PART-Word and mediation and the fullness of the Word. Here the denominations passed from Abraham's unconditional grace Covenant to condemnation and judgment, while Brother Branham stood in the breach to receive—"that which is perfect"—Christ, the fullness of the Word that He might incarnate His end-time Bride and form the Capstone of the Pyramid of His mystic Body.

Since 1963, the revelation of the Seven Seals has indicted the world church system and is calling the wise and foolish virgin out from Rome and her (once) Protestant daughter churches into the unity of the faith for the manifestation of the Sons of God and the translation. Matthew 24:21-22, "Unless the days of tribulation were shortened [by the revelation of the Seals], there would be no flesh saved [for the translation of "we who are alive and remain"]: but for the elect's sake those days have been shortened" by the "shout" of Brother Branham's Message revealing the Seals and calling us out of Babylon to be filled with the Spirit, and "the Voice of Christ, the Archangel," whispering His secrets in our heart, "making our calling and election sure" by placing the Message from Genesis to Revelation. Very soon, the "Trump," will call the resurrection of the sleeping saints for the manifestation of the Sons of God and their "full adoption". nl587.htm

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Brother Grigor-Scott is a non-denominational minister who has ministered full-time since 1981, primarily to other ministers and their congregations overseas. He pastors Bible Believers' tiny congregation, and is available to teach in your church.

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