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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We especially welcome our new subscribers. Please study the links, "prove all things," and write us with your questions and suggestions. As I am trying to devote myself to study I may not be preparing a main article for the next few issues so if after searching our Website you have a question that remains unanswered we will seek to answer for the edification of all readers.

There are an extraordinary number of news items this week. The links on the article about the genocidal man-made swine flu hoax should not be neglected, because it concerns you personally, and your community, wherever you live.

Once again we welcome contributing author Professor Henry Makow, PhD, known to many of you through his own Website, His article exposes the objectives of the satanic minds behind Communism. God is the Creator full of grace whose perfect will that no one should perish, but He allows the natural and spiritual Serpent's seed to destroy evil and has made Communism His servant to destroy the false church as He made Nebuchadnezzar His servant to destroy His Temple and the kingdom of Judah, initiating Gentile dominion over Jerusalem unto the consummation.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ, Anthony Grigor-Scott

Obama declares Swine Flu a National Emergency

October 24, 2009 – President Barack Obama declared the swine flu outbreak a national emergency, giving his health chief the power to let hospitals move emergency rooms offsite to speed treatment and protect non-infected patients.

The declaration, signed Friday night and announced Saturday, comes with the disease more prevalent than ever [sic] in the country and production delays undercutting the government's initial, optimistic estimates that as many as 120 million doses of the vaccine could be available by mid-October . . .

The government now hopes to have about 50 million doses of swine flu vaccine out by mid-November and 150 million in December. The flu virus has to be grown in chicken eggs, and the yield hasn't been as high as was initially hoped, officials have said. Full story: Cheerleader develops dystonia after receiving vaccine. Dr. Gary Null exposes the racketeering and greed of BigPharma, the ineffectiveness of swine 'flu vaccinations which have never been objectively and independently tested and peer-reviewed. Take the time to listen to these links.

Comment: If I understand the 'setup': Mr. Obama (whoever he may be) can now declare martial law, a giant step towards Lucifer's totalitarian one world government . . . . and it will be necessary if Los Angeles takes a swim one Nisan 14. Please listen to Dr. Rauni Kilde, Finnish Minister of Health expose swine flu black op. Then read the genocidal facts from the WHO website with the objective of global depopulation.

Bunker Buster Bomb carries Goal of deterring Iran

bendib-iran-and israel's nukes-cartoonOctober 23, 2009 – Even as Washington emphasizes walking softly to pry Iran away from its nuclear ambitions [sic], the Pentagon is speeding the manufacture of its own big stick.

This month, the Defense Department awarded $51.9 million to McDonnell Douglas to more quickly adapt a 30,000-pound bunker buster to the B-2 stealth bomber. The GBU-57 bomb and the fleet of B-2s—stationed at Whiteman Air Force Base with occasional deployments to Guam and an outpost in the Indian Ocean—are widely seen as the likeliest US military option for setting back Tehran's hopes for building nuclear weapons. . . Full story:

Comment: Terrorist US is the Godless, bloodthirsty image of the beast of Imperial Rome whose goal is to provoke peaceful Iran to rash action. The Prophet said, God raised up Judaeo-Communism to destroy the Roman Catholic false church, and its apostate (once) Protestant image (Revelation 13; 17; 18).

Are Israel & the US Cornered

Israel now faces war crimes charges at The Hague. Yes, the United States will veto the Goldstone Report in the Security Council, but the ringer in the deal is that the General assembly, under Resolution 377, can bypass the Security Council and send the Goldstone Report to The Hague, and the United States and Israel cannot stop it. Earlier this year, the General Assembly voted through a resolution requesting Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and submit to the exact same IAEA inspections that Iran (and every other NNPT signatory) submits to. Israel refused. The fact that Israel and the United States were not able to deflect this Resolution tell us that the General Assembly has lost all patience with Israel. The credibility of the UN as a world governing body is on the line. The probability that the General Assembly will bypass the Security Council is therefore very high. A war with Iran would have distracted the media from Israel's war crimes charges. That seems not likely to happen now . . .

Israel has to live with their war crimes charges. The US has to live with their ruined economy and failed wars, and public anger. Both Israel and the US are showing themselves as desperate to block Israel war crimes charges from progressing, and may have wasted that political capital in vain if the UN General; Assembly invokes Resolution 377.

So, in short, Israel and the US are cornered politically. Cornered animals are the most dangerous and desperate. Our future is in the hands of whichever leader is the least mentally stable, and ready to hit the panic button. That panic move; that striking out from the corner could be something subtle like a new false-flag "terror" attack or something as straightforward as simply attacking Iran without provocation. . . Full story:

Meanwhile, back in Cold Reality...

October 17, 2009 – 20 per cent of the entire United States was last week covered in snow, the greatest October snow cover the country had known for years (see this). Similarly unseasonable snowfalls blanketed central Europe and the Alps. Freak October snows caused traffic chaos in New Zealand. Hundreds of Tibetan herdsmen had to be rescued when blizzards swept their summer pastures weeks early.

This is now the third year running when there have been signs of an abnormally cold winter across large parts of the world. Last year's October snowfalls in the US broke records which in some cases had stood for over a century, prefacing one of America's coldest winters for decades. This summer's Arctic ice-melt stopped nearly 1 million square kilometres short of its record low in 2007. Around Antarctica this year's sea ice-melt was the lowest recorded since satellite data began in 1979, leaving the ice 30 per cent above its 30-year average. . . Full story:

Comment: Senator Barnaby Joyce revealed: "The Australian Emissions Trading Scheme is merely a policy, a political statement, a gesture. The cost to the Australian citizen of this massive new tax associated with it, is very real however. If you are involved in the emission of carbon, which might be from anything as obscure as ironing your clothes, cooking dinner, putting fertiliser on your field or pouring a concrete slab for your house, you will pay the tax.

"You may not see it but you will definitely pay it. The removal of wealth from your life and transferred to the Treasury will be discernible with the commission going to stock brokers and bankers on the way through.

"I have to query, is the purpose of the Emissions Trading Scheme to cool the planet, which clearly it will not do, or is it to prop up a parlous state of our Government finances? The more I hear, the more I am inclined to the latter. Australians will deliver tens of billions of dollars to the Treasury by reason of this tax in the near future.

"There is far more empirical evidence in what it will cost you, the resident of Australia, than any scientific evidence that an emissions scheme will do anything for the climate. . . Full story:

Was Elvis Jewish?

October 24, 2009 – In 1998, The Wall Street Journal published an article titled, "All Shook Up in the Holy Land" exposing Elvis Presley's unlikely Jewish lineage. Apparently, Elvis' maternal great-great grandmother, Nancy Burdine, was a Jew. Her daughter gave birth to Doll Mansell who gave birth to Gladys Smith who gave birth to Elvis. . . according to Jewish law . . . that makes Elvis Presley Jewish. . .

Elvis grew up in "the Pinch"—the Jewish quarter of Memphis where his mother worked in the "shmata business," a predominantly Jewish enterprise at the time. As a teenager the future king was the "Shabbos goy" (i.e. performed tasks otherwise prohibited to Jews on the Sabbath) for his upstairs neighbors at 462 Alabama Ave., Rabbi Alfred and Jeannette Fruchter, who was the Rabbi at the local synagogue. The Presleys regularly came over for Friday night dinner, and Elvis had a penchant for the Rebbetzin's cooking. . . Full story:

Comment: Do you see how Brother Branham "gathered the loose ends"? "Judas got thirty pieces of silver; Elvis got a fleet of Cadillacs and a few million dollars for selling his birthright. . . Look at Elvis Presley, a 1947 version of Judas Iscariot, joins the Assemblies of God, Pentecostal, speaking in tongues for the Holy Ghost, and sent more souls to torment than all the bootleg joints there's been in the last fifty years. Perverted the mind of little teenage children all over the world, till little girls would grab off their underclothes and throw it on the platform, and him to autograph, so vulgar that they won't show him on the television from his waist down, the way he . . . his body. (The Holy Ghost, speaking in tongues for evidence). Oh, brother, if the Holy Ghost was there, It wouldn't act like that. You know better than that. Certainly not. God loves cleanness and purity and holy" (Hebrews p. 191:159; 225:369).

Updates on Hardin, Montana, and China Flag on Whitehouse

October 27, 2009 – Brother Chuck Baldwin brings this update on the attempted takeover of the Hardin, Montana, jail facility by a private mercenary force and a Chinese story that the White House would fly the Communist Chinese flag in honor of the 60th anniversary of Mao's as reported in Newsletters 598 and 601. Full story:

Hunting banned in Parts of Austria after Hailstones kill 90pc of Wild Game

October 19, 2009 – Hundreds of deer were discovered either dead or so badly injured they had to be put down by wildlife experts. In the country's rural Salzburg province, 90 per cent of pheasants and 80 per cent of hares were killed in the hail storms.

Sepp Eder, the hunting chief, said: "Animals sought shelter in farms, in fields of grain but the hail was so heavy it smashed right into them. It may take five years for animal numbers to recover, if they ever do so". . . Full story:

Comment: Imagine what a 100lb. hailstone will do (Revelation 16:21)? Or an asteroid!

Leading Church of England Bishops move closer to Vatican Defection

October 25, 2009 – The Bishop of Chichester, the Rt. Rev John Hind and the former Bishop of Rochester, Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, said they would consider converting to the Roman Catholic Church following the Pope's offer to disaffected Anglicans.

Bishop Hind said he would be 'happy' to accept the olive branch extended by Rome because issues such as the consecration of women bishops and acceptance of gay clergy had created an unbridgeable division in the Anglican church. . . Full story:

Comment: While these decisions are extremely sinful and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams cares more about the Global Warming hoax and Sharia Law than for his own flock, the foolish defectors have insufficient unction of the Spirit to separate from Satan's organized religion (Amos 3:3; Matthew 25:12; II Corinthians 6:14-18; Revelation 18:4).

Question from a Sister and a Brother

Sister: Since the Patriarch Israel was a man, why is it that the nation of Israel is referred to as "she" rather than "he"?

Answer: We know that God is male in designation, for when He manifest in virgin born flesh as the kinsman Redeemer for Adam's race, He was the Man Jesus Messiah. In the Old Testament God says, "backsliding Israel . . . and her treacherous sister Judah" have "played the harlot . . . turn, O backsliding children, for I am married unto you" (Isaiah 57; Jeremiah 3; Ezekiel 16; Hosea 1-2).

So if God was married to Israel and God is masculine, then His wife must be feminine just as the elect Church, the Wife of Jesus Messiah is a woman, but unlike Israel she is a virgin to the Word.

Brother: The prophet said physical serpent seeds do not exist TODAY, having been washed off by the flood. So Jesus died for ALL men and ALL men are born equal.

Answer: Brother Branham said, "I don't believe that. I believe this, that they were born there in Canaan, and they were born out of the group of Cain that was sent forth to the land of Nod. And he had a mark upon him and nobody would kill him, because of his murdering his [half-]brother. But if you notice, even the Israelites found some of those people when they went over there. They was so big, and he said they looked like grasshoppers up the side of them. Is that right? Hundreds and hundreds of years later there was great, burly men, big fellows. And sometimes they do dig up the carcass of them, and they find that they were great men" (COD, p. 77:Q10).

These amazing photographs vindicate the Scripture and the Prophet.

Settlers cut His Arm off for Throwing Stones

Israeli settlers cut off boy's arm for throwing stonesThe ISM (International Solitary Movement) plants foreign activists in Israel's worst areas, and their job is to protect, document, and photograph Israeli atrocities. The soldiers, and the settlers, hate them. Prof. Israel Shahak gives us a rabbi's answer to an Israeli soldier who has asked whether or not it is proper to kill Arab women and children. In his answer the rabbi quotes from the Talmud: "The best of the Gentiles—kill him; the best of snakes—dash out its brains" (Jewish History, Jewish Religion; Soferim 15, Rule 10; 1907 Jewish Encyclopedia, p. 617). Menachem Begin (Israeli Prime Minister, 1977-1983): "Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves". Full story:

Complaints against Prof. Hiss Continue

October 26, 2009 – The former #2 in the National Institute for Forensic Medicine (Abu Kabir) says he can't understand why the director, found to have engaged in illegal harvesting of organs, is still the highest-paid person in the public sector . . . none other than Prof. Yehuda Hiss, who essentially heads the National Institute for Forensic Medicine at Abu Kabir. . . Many complaints had been filed charging Hiss with unauthorized use of body parts . . . In July 2002, while Hiss was under police investigation for suspicions including the removal of organs from 81 deceased persons without familial consent . . .

In August 1999, for instance, Jerusalem District Court Judge Ruth Orr sharply criticized him for testifying that a 12-year-old Arab rock-thrower died as a result of a beating by Beitar security chief . . . Shimon Cohen of Arutz-7's Hebrew News Magazine made another suggestion: "There have been rumors for years that Hiss simply knows too much . . . for instance he knows about the Rabin murder. Perhaps there is a fear that if he is fired, he might open his mouth . . ."
Full story:

How Israel wages War in Plain Sight

August 23, 2009 – To "wage war by way of deception" (the motto of the Israeli intelligence service) requires the capacity to operate in plain sight yet without detection. To detect this duplicity in real time requires a grasp of how Israeli strategists rely on three key categories of operatives: agents, assets and sayanim (Hebrew for helpers or volunteers).

Agents are fully conscious of the intended goal of an operation. Intent is what distinguishes premeditated murder from involuntary manslaughter. Culpability is gauged by the state of mind. Agents operate with what the law calls extreme malice and an "evil mind." Thus the severity of the sanctions for premeditated capital crimes.

From 1981-1985, Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard stole 360 cubic feet of classified US intelligence documents on Soviet arms shipments, Pakistani nuclear weapons, Libyan air defense systems and other data sought by Tel Aviv. With oversight by only a few case officers (katsas), Israeli agents routinely manage sophisticated operations with the help of pre-staged assets and a network of sayanim.

Assets are people profiled such that—within an acceptable range of probabilities—they can be relied upon to behave consistent with their personality profile. Assets lack the state of mind required for traditional culpability due to their lack of intent. Assets contribute to an operation simply by pursuing their subconscious personal needs. Typically those needs are for recognition, influence, money, sex, drugs or the greatest drug of all: ideology.

Put a profiled asset in a pre-staged time, place and circumstance and Israeli psyops specialists can be confident that—within an acceptable range of probabilities—that person will perform consistent with their profile, much as Bill Clinton behaved with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

Israelis are indifferent to political parties. Pro-Israeli assets include Christian Zionist presidents Harry Truman, a Democrat, and George W. Bush, a Republican. Both were reliable and pliable advocates for a geopolitical agenda pursued by an enclave of Zionist extremists. Truman granted them nation-state recognition while Bush dispatched the US military to help pursue their expansionist goals for Greater Israel. . . Full story:

The New World Order is 'Communism'

By Henry Makow, PhD.

Karl MarxMost people think Communism is an ideology dedicated to public ownership and championing workers and the poor. This was a simple but incredibly successful ruse which duped hundreds of millions. The ideology appealed to people who want something for nothing—rather a large segment.

Communism is a form of monopoly capitalism with the State fronting for the monopoly capitalists. It's no different from monopoly capitalism in the West except that the State is more totalitarian and more intrusive. This is what we can look forward to.

East or West, Communism is devoted to concentrating all wealth and power in the hands of the central banking cartel (the Rothschilds and their allies) by disguising it as State power. (The State is run by witting and unwitting agents of the Rothschilds. When the USSR dissolved, the national wealth was divided between mostly Jewish "oligarchs" who were fronts for the Rothschilds).

Any ideology that further concentrates wealth and power in the hands of the "State" is Communism in another guise. These ideologies—socialism, liberalism, fascism, Zionism, neo-conservatism and feminism—are fronts for "Communism," and are organized and funded by the central banking cartel.

The essence of the New World Order is Communist. Current events are all designed to increase government power. For example, the viruses that the Protocols of Zion mentioned over a hundred years ago, and threaten us now, are designed to force people to vaccinate or quarantine. They are tests to see how much government control people will docilely accept. That's why it's very important to resist vigorously. My hunch is that this is not the big plague but could very well be a dry run. Amazing how the mainstream media is so certain this is going to be serious.

We must ask ourselves why, when America is teetering on financial collapse, Obama would focus his energies on expanding health care? This is like a bankrupt man buying a Mercedes instead of getting a job. My friends say it is a diversion. It certainly fits the pattern of increasing government control.


After The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, The Red Symphony is the best revelation of the real state of our world. "The Red Symphony" is a 1938 Stalinist Secret Police (NKVD) interrogation of Christian Rakovsky, a Soviet ambassador who was a close associate of Leon Trotsky, Rothschild's agent. The text is online or in Des Griffin, Fourth Reich of the Rich.

I introduced this explosive 50-page document to my readers in 2003. It strips the veil from modern history and explains the real meaning of Revolution, Communism, Freemasonry and War. It was not intended to become public knowledge. The translator, a Dr. J. Landowsky, made an unauthorized copy.

The human experiment is endangered by private interests who have usurped the function of money creation everywhere. Modern history reflects the gradual process by which they transfer all wealth and power to themselves, destroying Western Civilization and creating a world police state. In 1938, he could say the whole world is controlled by the Rothschild syndicate of Sabbatean (Illuminati, Masonic) Jewish bankers and their allies.

Rakovsky, whose real name was Chaim Rakover, was sentenced to death in Stalin's purge of the Trotskyite faction of the party. Leon Trotsky wrote in his autobiography, My Life, "Christian G. Rakovsky . . . played an active part in the inner workings of four Socialist parties—the Bulgarian, Russian, French, and Roumanian—to become eventually one of the leaders of the Soviet Federation, a founder of the Communist Internationale, President of the Iranian Soviet of People's Commissaries, and the diplomatic Soviet representative in England and France . . ."

Rakovsky tried to convince his interrogator that the bankers created the Communist state as a "machine of total power" unprecedented in history. In the past, due to many factors, "there was always room for individual freedom. Do you understand that those who already partially rule over nations and worldly governments have pretensions to absolute domination? Understand that this is the only thing which they have not yet reached." (emphasis mine)

A pernicious force paralyzes our national life. Rakovsky identifies it: "Imagine to yourself, if you can a small number of people having unlimited power through the possession of real wealth, and you will see they are the absolute dictators of the stock exchange and [economy] . . . If you have enough imagination then. . . you will see [their] anarchical, moral and social influence, i.e. a revolutionary one. . . Do you now understand?"

". . . They created credit money with a view to making its volume close to infinite. And to give it the speed of sound . . . it is an abstraction, a being of thought, a figure, number, credit, faith. . ." (pp.245-246)

Of course they need to protect their credit monopoly by translating it into a monopoly over all power and thought. World government is necessary to prevent any country from issuing their own credit (money) or repudiating their debt. This is the New World Order.


The Revolutionary Movement, which defines modern history, was a means to institutionalize banker power by destroying the old order. Marxism, "before being a philosophical, economic and political system, is a conspiracy for the revolution." Rakovsky scoffs at the "elementary Marxism . . . the demagogic popular one" that is used to dupe the intellectuals and the masses. (238) Marx was hired by Rothschild to dupe the masses. Rakovsky says Marx "laughs in his beard at all humanity" (Griffin, 240). Of course, Marx never mentioned the Rothschilds. (243)

As for Freemasonry: "Every Masonic organization tries to create all the required prerequisites for the triumph of the Communist revolution; this is the obvious aim of Freemasonry," says Rakovsky, a high-ranking Mason himself.

The aim of the Revolution is no less than to redefine reality in terms of the interests of the bankers. This involves the promotion of subjective truth over objective truth. If Lenin "feels something to be real" then it is real. "For him every reality, every truth was relative in the face of the sole and absolute one: the revolution."

In other words, white is black and up is down. This is the way it was in the Soviet Union and this is now happening to us. Truth and justice are being replaced by political diktat. "Political correctness," a Bolshevik term, is now in common usage. Physicists like Steven Jones who question September 11 are silenced. (The problem with not bringing the 9/11 perps to justice is that they will do it again). Homosexuality is normalized and promoted to increase arrested development and destroy the family.

Rakovsky marvels that "the benches on which sat the greasy usurers to trade in their moneys, have now been converted into temples, which stand magnificently at every corner of contemporary big towns with their heathen colonnades, and crowds go there . . . to bring assiduously their deposits of all their possessions to the god of money. . ."

He says the Soviet five-pointed star represents the five Rothschild brothers with their banks, who possess colossal accumulations of wealth, the greatest ever known."

Isn't it strange that Marx never mentions this fact? Rakovsky asks. Isn't it strange that during revolutions, the mobs never attack the bankers, their mansions or banks?


War is the means by which the central bankers advance their goal of totalitarian world government. Rakovsky says Trotsky was behind the murder of Arch Duke Ferdinand (which sparked WWI). He recalls the phrase used by the mother of the five Rothschild brothers: "'If my sons want it, then there will be no war.' This means that they were the arbiters, the masters of peace and war, but not emperors. Are you capable of visualizing the fact of such a cosmic importance? Is not war already a revolutionary function? War? The Commune. Since that time every war was a giant step towards Communism."

After the murder of [Illuminati member, Weimar Foreign Minister] Walter Rathenau in 1922, the Illuminati give political or financial positions only to intermediaries, Rakovsky says. "Obviously to persons who are trustworthy and loyal, which can be guaranteed a thousand ways: thus one can assert that those bankers and politicians [in the public eye]—are only men of straw . . . even though they occupy very high places and are made to appear to be the authors of the plans which are carried out." Think Barack Obama [and the Prime Minister, President and lawmakers of your nation].

In 1938, Rakovsky outlined three reasons for the upcoming Second World War. The first is that Hitler began to print his own money. "This is very serious. Much more than all the external and cruel factors in National-Socialism."

Secondly, the "fully developed nationalism of Western Europe is an obstacle to Marxism. . . the need for the destruction of nationalism is alone worth a war in Europe."

Finally, Communism cannot triumph unless it suppresses the "still living Christianity." Rakovsky refers to the "permanent revolution" as dating from the birth of Christ, and the reformation as "its first partial victory" because it split Christianity. This suggests that the "conspiracy" also contains a racial or religious factor.

"In reality, Christianity is our only real enemy since all the political and economic phenomena of the Bourgeois States are only its consequences. Christianity controlling the individual is capable of annulling the revolutionary projection of the neutral Soviet or Atheist State."

Now the Central Bankers are promoting World War Three as in "The Clash of Civilizations." Substitute Islam for Christianity above, and pit "Christians" against them.


The New World Order does not only create a new power. It creates a new reality out of touch with the truth. It employs legions of pundits, professors and politicos to enforce its precepts. These are the agentur ("agents") referred to smugly in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. What kind of credibility do these people have knowing they will lose their jobs if they tell the truth? They are all accomplices in the 9/11 cover-up.

The truth is that society is totally subverted. Government, education, entertainment and the news media are totally in the hands of the central banking cartel. The private sector all sings from the same song book, indicating the central bankers control it. The same applies to think tanks, foundations, NGO's, professional associations and major charities. Intelligence agencies report to the central bankers. They and Masonic secret societies are a central part of the mechanism of control.

This article: "How the Fed Bought the Economics Profession" is the template for all professions.

As a result, society is helpless to address its real problem: the untenable concentration of wealth, power and cultural influence in the hands of Cabala-believing bankers secretly intent on culling, degrading and enslaving us. We are stymied by the bogus charge of "anti-Semitism" when most Jews are deceived and manipulated like everyone else, (although their role is vastly disproportionate). There is no shortage of lackeys from all ethnic backgrounds willing to serve these Satanist bankers. This service defines "success" today.

"History" is a lie. Wars are a fraud. Current events are largely orchestrated. Projects are ventured for different purposes than stated. All we can do is continue to throw a spanner in their works and alert our fellow citizens. I am not too concerned with catastrophe. I see continued gradual drift to one world order fascism. Mankind is being put into a coma, a state of arrested development based on a fixation with toys, sports, relationships, sex and money. The last thing the bankers want to do is awaken the cattle from their slumber.

Mankind is doomed as long as Cabalist central bankers control society. All that is needed is to nationalize the central banks, repudiate debts created from nothing by these bankers, break up cartels, especially Hollywood and the media, and institute strict public campaign financing.

But as long as the majority perceives their interests in terms of the status quo, our problems will remain systemic. They won't go away.

Comment: The title of friend Henry Makow's paper, The New World Order is "Communism," aptly describes the teaching of the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible, history, and the prophet William Branham. Medieval and Modern History record the conflict between Rome, the last of four Gentile world empires, and Israel. However after John Hyrcanus defeated and forcibly assimilated the Edomites (Hittites and Canaanites) in about 130BC, they began to dominate the Judean population whose royal family was Edomite (Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews, xiii.9,1; xiii.25; Matthew 23:33-35). God set enmity between these children of Cain and Adam's race and the enmity is extant (Genesis 3:15; 27:39-41), hence Jesus lived in "Galilee of the Gentiles for He would not live in Jewry, because the Jews sought to kill Him" (John 7:1). Scripturally a Jew is resident of Judah regardless of race or religion; clearly that Jesus Christ was not a Jew.

Because Jewry crucified Israel's Messiah, and Christianity, which is Spiritual Israel, was begetting children from among the elect Israelites and proselytes of Adam's race, the priests and Pharisees who had perverted Yahwism into its antithesis (known as Judaism) were anxious lest their authority and prestige be diminished, and allied with Rome against the faith. However in the days of Emperor Constantine Roman power was in decline like the hegemony of America and the (once) Christian West today, so the wily sons of Cain devised a new deception. Surreptitiously aligned with the federal authority, they organized the Roman Catholic church from the remnants of the now apostate First Church of Rome pioneered by the apostles Junius and Andronicus, introducing the Babylonian trinity of gods of Imperial Rome and the Judeans who provoked the Lord to send Nebuchadnezzar to burn the Temple, exile the nation and commence the "times of Gentile dominion" over Jerusalem which will continue to the consummation (Daniel 9:27; Luke 21:24). The transformation of Imperial Rome into the present global empire of Papal Rome was initiated in AD325 at the Hegelian dialectic of the First Nicene Council.

Now calling themselves Jews, the Edomites were united with Rome against both natural and Spiritual Israel. But Rome, like Turkey, Spain, Holland, Germany, Britain, the United States, and as Dr. Makow observed, socialism, liberalism, fascism, Zionism, neo-conservatism and feminism, are merely tools and ideologies to be used and destroyed once they have served their purpose. As God raised His servant Nebuchadnezzar to destroy apostate Judah, He has allowed Judaeo-Communism to raise up for the purpose of destroying the Judaeo-Roman Catholic false church, the (once) Protestant united States and Rome's harlot daughters, ushering-in Armageddon to destroy all life.

As Dr. Makow has explained, Jewish sayanim live and work within every society and Judaeo-Jesuits operate worldwide as officers of a truly secret army containing in its ranks heads of political parties, high ranking officials, generals, magistrates, physicians, faculty professors, tradesmen, etc., all of them striving, to bring about in their own sphere, "Opus Dei," God's work in reality the plans of the papacy and its superiors behind the purple curtain. For both of these amoral Talmudic groups, "white is black, and up is down," for the ends justify the means. These two arms of the same golem are fulfilling "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" as advised by the Grand Sanhedrin(elders of Zion) in Constantinople in response to a request from Chief Rabbi Chemor of Spain in 1492. A third arm is Islam: read the Koran you will recognize the influence of the Talmud—the motto of the Israeli intelligence organization: "By way of deception, thou shalt do war" is not new.

The sovereign mini-state known as the 'City of London,' whose masters devised Judaeo-Communism, deceived the Allies into war against Hitler, funded both sides to make the world a safe place for Judaeo-Communism. It is patiently obvious the Allies were duped to fight against their Christian kith and kin. Once again we fought on the wrong side and have been fighting and funding Judaeo-Communism ever since. Now the Judaeo-Banksters have bankrupted the once Christian West, which is overcome by Communism, and following the sinking of Los Angeles Russia will invade and occupy mainland USA. The Judaeo-Roman Catholic church will form a confederation of world religions, ostensibly against Communism and then her Devil-incarnate pope will restore peace and dispatch the Russian military. The world will implore the Devil-incarnate pope to rule as president one world government, not realizing that once again they are victims of the Hegelian dialectic in which either choice spelt doom.

Oblivious to the fact that the natural catastrophes that overtook the world signaled the end of the Gentile dispensation, and thinking they are doing God a service, they will enforce trinitarianism upon the world on pain of death, not realizing it is the mark of the beast they have themselves taken. Satan is the sum of wisdom and knowledge he is anxious to share, but he is without faith. Faith is the mind of God in you by a clear understanding of His unchanging Word, which you should read with care, proving all things.

Professor Makow has expounded the deception called Communism. Brother Branham said, "Communism is not Russia; communism is a spirit. We don't have to worry about Russia. Our own rottenness is what's killing us. Communism moving right among our churches and everything else . . . in our schools, in our homes, everywhere, in our nation. The whole thing is just worm-eaten. The robin pecking on the apple doesn't hurt it; it's the worm at the core that ruins the apple. That's what it is: it's just the rottenness among ourselves, going, calling ourselves Christians, and acting like the world, and dressing like the world, and partaking of the world, and calling ourself . . ." (The Seal of God, p. 10:67-68).

Jesus called that spirit "Laodicea." Revelation 3:17, "You say, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing. You don't see that you are wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked." Laodicea means people's rights. The spirit of Communism is egalitarianism to serve I, me, and myself.

As I write the spirit of Judaeo-Communism controlling our government and all political parties is running a psyop against citizens, spewing propaganda from the taxpayer-funded alien-controlled national broadcasting network and commercial media intent on opening our borders to all-comers. The pawns in this game are seventy-eight Sri-Lankans seeking to enter the country illegally and the public—treated like Pavlov's dogs salivating to emotional appeals against common sense. Last month saw a similar psyop in which Indian students and citizens were their mark! The Banksters of 'the City of London' are further dividing and conquering the nation in fulfillment of the curse of Matthew 24:37 (Genesis 6:1-7) for which God allowed men to destroy the world by Flood, and the curse of Luke 17:28-30 (Genesis 18) wherewith He will shortly allow man to destroy all life by fire (II Peter 3:1-12). Those manipulating this clandestine activity do not believe the God of Israel who through His prophet Moses condemned miscegenation, which they encourage as multiculturalism (Genesis 1:11; 3; Deuteronomy 7:1-2; 32:8).

The banksters and the merchants and great men of the earth who consider "the Reformation as "its first partial victory" because it split Christianity" neither recall the history of the blasphemy they regard as Christianity, nor understand that faith cannot be "split" (Mark 10:9; I Corinthians 6:17; Ephesians 4:30). Their purpose in dividing families and communities, mixing cultures and races, religions and tongues and destroying the solidarity of nations, is to enforce collectivism, which is Communism under which Lucifer will rule a totalitarian one world government incarnate in the pope. Money and material wealth has purchased great power, but it will not match the power of the spoken Word of the 'third pull' that will change the saints in the atoms and transfer them into the sixth dimension as quick as a thought. nl605.htm

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Brother Grigor-Scott is a non-denominational minister who has ministered full-time since 1981, primarily to other ministers and their congregations overseas. He pastors Bible Believers' tiny congregation, and is available to teach in your church.

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