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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Congratulations to our Brother Gerry who was recognized as 40+ Citizen of the Year in his city this week.

It is some time since Barry Chamish has contributed to our Newsletter so when I asked for a contemporary bio he replied, "I am a proud Herut Zionist [i.e. dedicated to the ideals of aliyah, social justice and the territorial integrity of the land of Israel], who knows the melting of the Arctic ice sheets and mountain glaciers worldwide is in significant part, man made." I am not a Zionist, and we have published scientific evidence refuting anthropogenic global warming/climate change, now I am going to listen to Lord Christopher Monckton and Professor Ian Pilmer expose this hoax as a 'front' for the introduction of Lucifer's one world government and a scam to enrich international banksters, destroy national economies and return a vastly depopulated world to serfdom.

Barry's report shows the imminence of earthquakes that will sink Los Angeles, cleave the Mount of Olives, end the Gentile dispensation and commence the first resurrection three days thence. It exposes the amoral corruption of Israeli politicians and their history of genocide in parallel with the political puppets of Britain, the US, other colonies, and occupied nations of 'the City of London,' such that a rabbi's son intends to sue Israel in the International Criminal Court at The Hague, as Professor of International Law at the University of Illinois, Francis A. Boyle, has filed against war criminals George W. Bush, Richard Cheney (Khayney), Donald Rumsfeld, George Tenet, Condoleezza Rice, and Alberto Gonzales in the ICC.

This confirms II Thessalonians 2:7, "The mystery of lawlessness is already at work [harder and faster than at any time in history]: only the Holy Spirit will continue to restrain it until He departs in the translation of Christ's end-time Bride." It also confirms Zechariah 13:8-9, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, in the whole land of Israel, two thirds of the population will be exterminated and perish, and one third shall be left alive." And that third will be tried through the great tribulation of "Jacob's trouble," whereby the dross of Jewry will be separated from the gold of 144,000 elect Israelites descended from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

For years Barry has been campaigning against endemic Israeli corruption, and like Jack Bernstein he fled Racist, Marxist Israel, "for fear of the Jews." Back in the Jewnited States brave Jack Bernstein was murdered by MOSSAD; let us pray Barry's outspoken stand for truth does not entice a similar fate at the hands of fellow Jews (so-called). His 1998 book, Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin?, fingering President Shimon Peres may not have endeared him to the establishment.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ, Anthony Grigor-Scott

ICC Complaint filed against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Tent, Rice, Gonzales

January 19, 2010 — Professor Francis A. Boyle of the University of Illinois College of Law in Champaign, U.S.A. has filed a Complaint with the Prosecutor for the International Criminal Court (I.C.C.) in The Hague against U.S. citizens George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George Tenet, Condoleezza Rice, and Alberto Gonzales (the "Accused") for their criminal policy and practice of "extraordinary rendition" perpetrated upon about 100 human beings. This term is really their euphemism for the enforced disappearance of persons and their consequent torture. This criminal policy and practice by the Accused constitute Crimes against Humanity in violation of the Rome Statute establishing the I.C.C.

The United States is not a party to the Rome Statute. Nevertheless the Accused have ordered and been responsible for the commission of I.C.C. statutory crimes within the respective territories of many I.C.C. member states, including several in Europe. Consequently, the I.C.C. has jurisdiction to prosecute the Accused for their I.C.C. statutory crimes under Rome Statute article 12(2)(a) that affords the I.C.C. jurisdiction to prosecute for I.C.C. statutory crimes committed in I.C.C. member states. . .

For similar reasons, the Highest Level Officials of the Obama administration risk the filing of a follow-up Complaint with the I.C.C. if they do not immediately terminate the Accused's criminal policy and practice of "extraordinary rendition," which the Obama administration has continued to implement.

The Complaint concludes with a request that the I.C.C. Prosecutor obtain International Arrest Warrants for the Accused from the I.C.C. in accordance with Rome Statute articles 58(1)(a), 58(1)(b)(i), 58(1)(b)(ii), and 58(1)(b)(iii). . .
Full story: Francis A. Boyle Professor of International Law

Comment: M.P. Dillon, Head of Information & Evidence Unit, Office of The Prosecutor, International Criminal Court, The Hague, acknowledged receipt on January 25.

A Haiti Disaster Relief Scenario envisaged by the US Military One Day before the Earthquake

January 22, 2010 — On the day prior to the earthquake, "on Monday [January 11, 2010], Jean Demay, the Defense Information Systems Agency's (DISA) technical manager for the agency's Transnational Information Sharing Cooperation project, happened to be at the headquarters of the US Southern Command in Miami preparing for a test of the system in a scenario that involved providing relief to Haiti in the wake of a hurricane" (Bob Brewin, op cit, emphasis added)

The Transnational Information Sharing Cooperation project (TISC) is a communications-information tool which "links non-government organizations with the United States [government and military] and other nations for tracking, coordinating and organizing relief efforts" (Government IT Scrambles To Help Haiti, TECHWEB January 15, 2010).

The TISC is an essential component of the militarization of emergency relief. The US military through DISA oversees the information-communications system used by participating aid agencies. Essentially, it is a communications sharing system controlled by the US military, which is made available to approved non-governmental partner organizations. The Defense Information Systems Agency also "provides bandwidth to aid organizations involved in Haiti relief efforts."

There are no details on the nature of the tests conducted on January 11 at SOUTHCOM headquarters.

DISA's Jean Demay was in charge of coordinating the tests. There are no reports on the participants involved in the disaster relief scenarios.

One would expect, given DISA's mandate, that the tests pertained to simulating communications, logistics and information systems in the case of a major emergency relief program in Haiti.

The fundamental concept underlying DISA's Transnational Information Sharing Cooperation project (TISC) is to "Achieve Interoperability With Warfighters, Coalition Partners And NGOs" (Defense Daily, December 19, 2008)

Upon completing the tests and disaster scenarios on January 11, TISC was considered to be, in relation to Haiti, in "an advanced stage of readiness." On January 13, the day following the earthquake, SOUTHCOM took the decision to implement the TISC system, which had been rehearsed in Miami two days earlier:

"After the earthquake hit on Tuesday [January 12, 2010], Demay said SOUTHCOM decided to go live with the system. On [the following day] Wednesday [January 13, 2010], DISA opened up its All Partners Access Network, supported by the Transnational Information Sharing Cooperation project, to any organization supporting Haiti relief efforts.

The information sharing project, developed with backing from both SOUTHCOM and the Defense Department's European Command, has been in development for three years. It is designed to facilitate multilateral collaboration between federal and nongovernmental agencies.

Demay said that since DISA set up a Haiti Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Community of Interest on APAN on Wednesday [the day following the earthquake], almost 500 organizations and individuals have joined, including a range of Defense units and various nongovernmental organizations and relief groups. (Bob Brewin, Defense launches online system to coordinate Haiti relief efforts (1/15/10)— emphasis added) Full story:

Comment: The official story is coming unraveled as quickly as 9/11 did, and in the same ways, as the modus operandi is becoming familiar. Thank God I see that many more, experienced and well-funded independent press organizations are going after the story than there were just after 9/11. Yes, Haiti is being occupied. Yes, it is disaster capitalism. Yes, it reminds me of how the beaches in Sri Lanka devastated by the Tsunami were all instantly transformed from slums and shanties into pristine beaches—subsequently sold to tourist developers exclusively. It starts with one nagging question. Like this:

Why was a British naval flotilla pulled out of the waters around Haiti just days before the earthquake—the first such gap in British naval coverage since the 1700s?

Many are still asking why the aircraft carriers Hornet, Yorktown, Enterprise, Saratoga and Lexington had left Pearl Harbor just days before December 7, 1941. What does it prove? Nothing. That's why it leaves one unsettled. What does it prove that the US military is denying access to Haiti of relief supplies and personnel from CARICOM? Caricom is a joint, multi-nation Caribbean relief effort with doctors, military, medicine and food. A news story today from Trinidad reported that Caricom personnel and supplies were being turned away. Full story:

The USGS reports more earthquakes have been reported in the past 30-days then in the first 90-days of 2009 (including over 600 alone at the potentially catastrophic Yellowstone volcanic caldron) and that have caused more loss of life than in the previous 5-years all put together.

HAARP: the owners of this weapon are able to program floods, twisters and storms, even earthquakes in any region of the planet. It is also possible to paralyze civil and military electric surveillance systems, and even to affect the mentality of whole nations.

Haiti has Larger Oil Reserves than Venezuela

January 16, 2010 — Haiti has huge resources of gold and iridium. . . Scientists Daniel and Ginette Mathurin indicate that under Haitian soil is rich in oil . . . The Central Plateau, including the region of Thomond, the plain of the cul-de-sac and the bay of Port-au-Prince are filled with oil, he said, adding that Haiti's oil reserves are larger than those of Venezuela. An Olympic pool compared to a glass of water that is the comparison to show the importance of oil Haitian compared to those of Venezuela" . . . one of the world's largest producers of oil. . . Asked about the non-exploitation of these sites, Ginette Mathurin said that these deposits are declared strategic reserves of the United States of America. While stating his incomprehension of such a situation, it reminds us the Caribbean is considered the backyard of the United States . . . uranium 238 and 235 and the deposit zyconium exist in several regions including in Jacmel.
Full story:

Seen on Radar by Thousands Today over Australia

Australian Bureau of Meteorology radar image Jan. 22, 2010 caused by HAARP installation at ExmouthJanuary 22, 2010 — Two bizarre features seen on radar over the northwest and southeast of Australia today (January 22, 2010). The ring over the southeast appeared approximately 30 seconds before the bizarre red star over the northwest captured on the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology radar site. This follows a series of so far unexplained features seen on Australian national radars since the 15th. . . The picture of the "radar rings" is the result of a test period for a Tesla Shield Generator. The correct question is "What type of government installation is located at the center of that image"?
Full story:

Australian HAARP? This is weather modification. . . HAARP was ramped up for two days right before the quake in Haiti (3 images). The HAARP Induction Magnetometer readings were provided by Prof. Kanji Hayashi of the Department of Earth and Planetary Physics, University of Tokyo. Full story: Apparently the Harold Holt Naval Facility at Exmouth in Western Australia has a HAARP installation which is being used to modify weather.

Here is a plasma ball you can create in your microwave. Strange circles, rings and geometries on radar in the USA, Russia, England and Australia. Full story:

Glacier Scientist: I knew Data hadn't been Verified

January 24, 2010 — The scientist behind the bogus claim in a Nobel Prize-winning UN report that Himalayan glaciers will have melted by 2035 last night admitted it was included purely to put political pressure on world leaders.

Dr Murari Lal also said he was well aware the statement, in the 2007 report by the Intergovernmental Panel . . . The claim that Himalayan glaciers are set to disappear by 2035 rests on two 1999 magazine interviews with glaciologist Syed Hasnain, which were then recycled without any further investigation in a 2005 report by the environmental campaign group WWF. . . The WWF article also contained a basic error in its arithmetic. A claim that one glacier was retreating at the alarming rate of 134 metres a year should in fact have said 23 metres—the authors had divided the total loss measured over 121 years by 21, not 121. . . when reviewers did raise issues that called the claim into question, Dr Lal and his colleagues simply ignored them. Full story:

Comment: This explains how "the melting of the Arctic ice sheets and mountain glaciers worldwide is in significant part, man made."

When Corporations rule the World

January 23, 2010 — In a sweeping 5-4 ruling, the US Supreme Court on Thursday struck down several longstanding prohibitions on corporate political contributions, saying legislative measures to control such spending infringed upon corporate First Amendment free speech rights. The majority framed the decision, which will now allow corporations and unions to spend unlimited treasury funds on independent campaign expenditures, as essential to American democracy. . .

"The Supreme Court has given a green light to a new stampede of special interest money in our politics," Obama said. "It is a major victory for big oil, Wall Street banks, health insurance companies and the other powerful interests that marshal their power every day in Washington to drown out the voices of everyday Americans". . . the Supreme Court "has just determined the winners of next term's elections. It won't be Republicans. It won't be Democrats. It will be corporate America. . . Full story: Olberman

Comment: In the UK and worldwide, or at least in other colonies of 'the City,' MPs are themselves incorporated with limited liability, as are government departments, and the political parties are corporations owned by incorporated party leaders. Full story: youtube,com

Abortafacient H1N1 Vaccine

January 23, 2010 — Some women miscarry a few weeks after getting the H1N1 vaccine but sonograms are showing that the baby stopped growing within a week of the shot. We have 68 so far and Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System has 110 for just a few months with most doctors NOT reporting the event because they refuse to associate it with a vaccine. As long as VAERS fails to collect the correct statistics the CDC can continue to say the vaccine is safe for pregnant women. We also have nearly 200 cases of H1N1 related miscarriages just for Oct-Dec. We need women to call us and to collect the data grassroots. Phone + 917 804-0786 or email Eileen Dannemann RN. Full story: data, Vaccine Primer, Symptoms of Vaccine Injury Comment: Revelation 6:8.

French author Georges Theil to Prison on January 8th?

cover of Georges Theil's bookJanuary 7, 2010 — Georges Theil has received some heavy sentences . . . in two cases of "overt revisionism." A resident of Grenoble, he is a retired senior executive of a large state corporation; from 1998 to 2004 he served as an elected official in Rhφne-Alpes Regional Council. . . The book has since been published in English as Heresy in 21st Century France: a Case of Insubmission to the "Holocaust" Dogma. In the book he'd especially described his intellectual path in life, marked by the discovery first of his grandfather's death during the First World War in Indochina—the French officer had been sent there to train Tonkinese riflemen, his avowed assignment being to make good "Boche-killers" of them— then of the death of his father, an engineer slain in unclear circumstances in 1944. He told how what at the start was for him intellectual curiosity (others might say filial devotion as well) quickly changed into a well-grounded conviction that a gigantic lie was bringing itself to bear on our world as concerned the relation of historical facts, mainly those having to do with the Second World War, the consequences of which are, still today, so very grave. Indeed, the whole Western world, crushed by the slanderous and criminal allegation of inexact "facts," has fallen to such a degree of thraldom that the rightful seeking out of historical truth and the public expression thereof have become illegal—subject to criminal proceedings—as has been the case in France since July 14, 1990 (in some neighbouring countries, like enslaved Germany, it's worse still). . .

Qana massacre, PalestineTheil has done nothing more than dare to write and speak out about the sufferings of our nations in the West and of the Palestinian people, which he deems intolerable in a civilised world. He has dared to do it, for an internal force, his own courage, bids him not to give in, not to resign himself, and to bear witness. It is a matter, in effect, of life or death for us. His sacrifice is that of us all, whether we like it or not. Full story:

January 8, 2010 — He cited the case of the Dachau camp, presented for about twenty years after the 1939-1945 war as one of the great German killing centres and where now the visitor, when approaching precisely the alleged killing installation ("gas chamber"), comes up against a sign reading ". . . never used". Finally he pointed out the strangeness if not the deceptiveness in reckoning that whoever took a very close interest in the former German concentration camps was to be classified—at minimum—as a dubious National Socialist sympathiser, whereas research work on the universe of the Gulag did not lead to any cataloguing of those involved therein as being "crypto-communists" or "nostalgic for Bolshevism"!

The prosecutor then stated that, obviously, Mr. Theil thus showed no repentance (sic). And that, consequently, his office was requesting that Theil not benefit from a mitigation of sanction (electronic tagging) but instead be "dealt with" in a prison.

Note the religious word "repentance" expressly employed by the prosecutor, rather than a more lay term like "regrets" or "sincere apologies". This shows—as if there were any need—that revisionism is indeed a "sin" against the "holocaustic creed" which has now become the official religion, permeating the very organs of the State, which in principle are, like the judiciary, independent and free of any religious notion. Full story: Acquitted, after 44 months of procedure, for distributing his revisionist book

99% of Auschwitz Testimony is Forensically Unsubstantiated

December 27, 2009 — The Jewish Auschwitz expert Robert Jan van Pelt wants to demolish the physical remains of Auschwitz Concentration Camp. The pressure from the Islamic world to duplicate the Rudolf Expert Report and adopt its findings is growing from day to day, and van Pelt wants to hinder official state investigations at all costs. In an interview with the Canadian newspaper The STAR, he urges that all the remains of ruined buildings at Auschwitz-Birkenau be completely demolished and removed. In his opinion, only the buildings of the Stammlager original camp) should be preserved. (In his book AUSCHWITZ 1270 BIS HEUTE (Auschwitz 1270 Until Today) he admits that no gassings took place in the Stammlager).

Following are the most important passages from van Pelt's interview in the STAR. In the words of the Jewish Auschwitz expert Robert Jan van Pelt, "We have no material or forensic evidence to support eyewitness reports of gassings. . .

Ninety-nine per cent of what we know we do not actually have the physical evidence to prove [then how do 'we know' it!?]. . .

It has become part of our inherited knowledge.

I don't think that the Holocaust is an exceptional case in that sense.

We in the future—remembering the Holocaust—will operate in the same way that we remember most things from the past. We will know about it from literature and eyewitness testimony. . . We are very successful in remembering the past in that manner. To put the holocaust in some separate category and to demand that it be there—to demand that we have more material evidence—is actually us [sic] somehow giving in to the Holocaust deniers by providing some sort of special evidence.

It has become part of our inherited knowledge. . . Full story:

Comment: All truth goes through three steps: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Finally, it is accepted as self-evident.

What, Me Anti-Semite?

By Barry Chamish

We begin with an Israeli like me, Ami Meshulam.

I met Ami in 1997 when he was eleven. His mother had invited me to their home to convince me to meet her husband Uzi, in prison. I counted 62 bullet holes in their living room. The Israeli police and army tried to kill everyone in the room, including eleven year old Ami.

    "Uzi Meshulam led a campaign against the Israeli establishment which demanded an investigation into the disappearance of the children of Yemen in the late 1950s. In May 1994 he entrenched with his followers for a month and a half in his home in the city of Yehud. During a police raid on the house one of his followers was killed in a fire exchange.

    There was no firefight. One unarmed congregant, Shlomi Asoulin was shot by a sniper. He was taken to police lines where he was allowed to bleed to death. The children did not "disappear." They were kidnapped and Rabbi Meshulam told me why. It took four years of research until I believed him.

    Meshulam was sentenced to eight years in prison and his disciples were also given jail time. After five years in prison his sentence was reduced by then-President Ezer Weizman. Meshulam never resumed his public campaign due to his poor health condition.

    Poor health? Rabbi Meshulam left when he was lobotomized. I accepted his wife's invitation and went down six levels of the prison to Rabbi Meshulam's dungeon. He blasted loud music on his radio-tape and told me why he couldn't unite the kidnapped children with their biological parents. "I'm waiting until the parents die," he said. "A few were adopted but most died in horrific atomic experiments in America. In the early fifties the Americans needed human guinea pigs to test radiation and the head of Israel's Atomic Energy Commission, Shimon Peres, wanted an atomic bomb. He traded our babies for formulas."

    Ami Meshulam told Ynet, "We will claim that Israel is committing crimes against the people of Israel and a group within it. The Canadians are interested in reviewing the many evidences of the fact that, contrary to common belief, Israel is not a democratic country."

In 1994, Peres had just signed the Oslo "peace" treaty and it would be endangered if he was exposed as the mass murderer of Yemenite children. So he stomped out the movement for truth with all the powers of the state. Ami Meshulam is rightfully calling into question Israel's claim to be a democracy. Unless he proves that he is endangered if he returns to Israel, Canada will not grant him refuge.

    "He says that the State has been persecuting him for wishing to follow in his father's footsteps and expose the children of Yemen affair. Meshulam left Israel four years ago for Montreal, and his fourth daughter was born there. He is seeking political asylum and the local immigration authorities are currently debating whether he can be regarded as a refugee. Thus far, six hearings were held during which four witnesses on behalf of Meshulam appeared, including Dr. Shoshana Madmoni-Gerber, a specialist on ethnic discrimination."

I interviewed Ms. Madmoni-Gerber. By then the crime of Peres and the Americans had expanded both in scope and public exposure. The American Army supplied Israel with seven x-ray machines to be used in a crime even greater than the kidnapping of the Yemenite children. During the Fifties, ALL Sephardic children were declared Scalpal Ringworm patients and their heads were blasted with 350 times the permitted human dose of X-rays. The brain cells of an entire generation of Sephardic children, 108,000 in total, were deformed by massive doses of gamma rays. 6,000 died in the first year of their "operations."

    "The current hearing's second stage will commence in February 2010. Meshulam's attorney William Sloan noted that his client's main assertion in applying for political asylum is his fear of the Shin Bet and the pressure that has been put on him to leave Israel" (

Ami Meshulam and I are blood brothers. I proved that Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated in an internal coup led by Shimon Peres. The Shin Bet tried to shut me up and like Rabbi Uzi Meshulam, inadvertently got the truth out broadly. Then Peres organized the brain-murder of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and I spotted the usual MO of his assassinations. They did not want me working on another of their murders so, beginning in December 2005, I got the Uzi Meshulam treatment; rigged trials, a stroke, and dead and revived in a deliberate car "accident." And like Ami Meshulam, I ran to North America for my life. The Yemenite Children are mostly dead and their assassin is now President of Israel. Rabin, Sharon are mostly dead, and their assassin resides in the President's House in Jerusalem. If you're looking for a tale of justice, you won't find it here.

But if you think Israel's enemies don't know about the kidnapping of the Yemenite children, look at the Israeli reaction to Turkey spreading the word:

Turkey's continuing warming of relations with Iran, Syria and Lebanon comes as leading Israeli media have criticized Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon for disparaging the Turkish ambassador to Israel. Ayalon voiced anger at the envoy on Monday over a Turkish soap opera that spread a blood libel against Israel by depicting Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) agents as kidnappers of babies. [Ariel Toaff is Professor of Medieval and Renaissance History at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, his 1997 book, "Passover of Blood" (free download) comes to the same conclusion regarding ritual homicides for matzot and Purim as numerous accounts over the centuries].

[Prof. Toaff has since partially recanted, and now maintains that:

• yes, Jews are a corrupting and disruptive element in society;
• yes, Jews lend money at 40% and seem to do little else;
• yes, Jews buy and sell justice with huge bribes;
• yes, Jews pull off all sorts of fraudulent bankruptcies and swindles;
• yes, Jews resort to poisoning and assassination when thwarted;
• yes, Jews are obsessed with hatred for Christians and the Christian religion;
• yes, Jews kidnapped and castrated Christian boys on a large scale and sold them into slavery in Islamic Spain for centuries;
• yes, Jews used [and still use?] human blood in all sorts of quack remedies, despite the Biblical prohibition, even for minor complaints;
• yes, Jews [and still use?] Christian human blood in their matzoh balls at Passover;
• yes, Jews [and still use?] Christian human blood in their wine at Passover;
• yes, the blood had to be from Christian boys no more than 7 years of age;
• yes, the blood had [has?] to be certified kosher by a rabbi;
• yes, there was [is?] a large and profitable trade in fake blood products and animal blood, which was [are?] unsuitable to the purpose;
• yes, Christians tried to sell the blood of Christian boys to Jews, but were rejected because the Jews feared it was animal blood; but no, no Christian boys were ever killed to obtain the blood. Never, never! Or hardly ever. It all came from "voluntary donors"!

Anybody having read the book will simply laugh.

The only "saving clause" is that these charges are made against Ashkenazi Jews only. It would be interesting to see how much filthy "Sephardic linen" the Ashkenazi could air in public if they so chose.

— Translated by Gian Marco Lucchese and Pietro Gianetti, 2007].

The Israeli intelligence agencies have their own MO, they arrange patsies for their dirty work. I learned their methods when two assets exposed many of them to me in 2001. I wrote my interview in a piece called, "They're Talking," leading quickly to the murder of the agent the Shabak assumed was the source of my knowledge:

GSS Agent Israel's latest Terror Victim—2001

An Israeli General Security Service agent—45 year-old Col. Yehuda Edri of Ma'ale Adumim—today became the latest victim of the ongoing PLO mini-war against Israel. Traveling with his bodyguards this morning along on the Tunnels Road in Gush Etzion, Edri was on his way to meet with an Arab contact with whom he had worked for some time . . .

And because the information is proving accurate, suspicions have been raised by the murder of a Military Intelligence/Shabak colonel, Yehuda Edri, two days after the posting was released. For one day, both Haaretz and Hatsofe published the truth of the assassination, then they stopped. Edri met his Arab informer outside Jerusalem and was shot by him. This should not have happened. Edri was traveling with two bodyguards. Neither searched the informer before he approached Edri. In fact, neither left the car to take up protective positions. The bodyguards let Edri get murdered. One bodyguard was shot by a bullet aimed at Edri, while the assailant chose not to shoot a seemingly helpless bodyguard seated in the backseat of the car. He shot and killed the informer. Edri was a religious Jew living in the "settlement" of Maaleh Adumim. He was assassinated under most suspicious circumstances. We hope it was not because someone thought he was one of the people who passed on the information in, They're Talking.

I have buried in my subconscious the ugly fact that once I knew how the agencies worked, and could spot one of their patsy plots, that people died because I quickly exposed the operation. In 2004 Judge Adi Azar was making the PLO pay for their terrorism and was effectively bankrupting terrorism. This, the peace team would not allow, so a ridiculous patsy was found and he was represented by attorney David Weiner. I spoke to a large crowd in Jerusalem, which included a large group of soldiers in uniform and others who weren't. After explaining the plot in full, within 17 hours Weiner "killed himself." And just two weeks before his wedding:

Thursday, December 30, 20004, I gave a lecture in Jerusalem about the murders of Raful Eitan and Judge Adi Azar. The next night, the attorney for the government's chief suspect in the Azar murder, David Weiner, is shot in the head in his home. A note was found by the body stating that Weiner wanted to prove he was being honest in his handling of the Azar case.

Weiner was killed so the truth would have no chance of being told. A police inspector named Dubi, from Bet El, was luckier. He is alive. He sought me out and with great courage told me he was the assistant forensic investigator for the Hebron massacre of February 1994, during which 51 Arabs were slaughtered. "I tested the bullets," he said. "All of them. I compared them to Goldstein's rifle. Not a one was a match. I don't know how it happened or what was done, but Goldstein didn't shoot anyone."

By the time of the Gush Katif pullout in 2005, I was breathing the patsy tricks, the phoney settler leaders, the set-up acts of violence by the Jews; I knew them all as if I had planned them. If the pullout was in exchange for some sort, any sort of peace treaty, it could have been explained. But it was just an act of raw, unbridled revenge against the settlers. So I went to Gaza week after week, until days before the army removed the residents and I warned them to stand up and fight. I warned them that they would be made paupers with no compensation. I told them the government views you as the enemy and is heartless.

I may as well have stayed home. The Jews still live is shabby mobile homes and their homes are now missile launching pads.

And now, new victims are on the way. And nothing I can say, do, or write will stop what is about to happen to them. If you live in half of Jerusalem, anywhere in Judea and Samaria . . . you're next. After you, everyone in their turn. And worst of all, there is no sorting out the mess. The Jews don't understand that their people have been infiltrated. And they won't even try to understand.

I was close friends with Rabbi Marvin Antelman for 25 years. In 1974 he wrote a book called To Eliminate The Opiate. Within, he claimed that the roots of Labor Zionism was an anti-Jewish movement called Sabbatainism. He phoned me once a week for the contemporary news. I didn't know he was utilizing me for his own understanding of the Sabbataians. It took me over 20 years to finally understand that he was right; we had been infiltrated by poseurs.

These poseurs were at work last Christmas with another of their patsy plots; this time letting a Nigerian blow up his pants on a plane to Detroit. I knew how it was done out of long experience with Israeli intelligence tricks and I stand by every word I wrote. However, this time, I was accused of being an anti-Semite at worst, or a self-hating Jew at, ahem, best. Look at the nice Israeli doctors in Haiti. That is Israel. Detroit was Islam.

No, both were Israeli, the good and the very awful. I am a watchdog and not by design. I have never said a kind word about Israel's enemies. They need their own watchdogs. The many radio shows that interview me are all strongly pro-Israel. The antis long ago learned I wasn't going to play ball with their prejudices. We all want the doctors in Haiti to stay, and the Israeli establishment to grow up, tell the truth, or get out of our lives. And in a hurry. nl618.htm

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Brother Grigor-Scott is a non-denominational minister who has ministered full-time since 1981, primarily to other ministers and their congregations overseas. He pastors Bible Believers' tiny congregation, and is available to teach in your church.

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