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"We focus on the present Truth – what Jesus is doing now. . ."
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Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ; we are pleased to have your fellowship around God's unchanging Word.

Last Sunday May 27 was the Day of Pentecost, the anniversary of the fiftieth day after the resurrection of Jesus Messiah and the anniversary of "the acceptable year of the Lord" which was the Pentecostal Jubilee He preached to Israel (Isaiah 61:2; Luke 4:14). The Day of Pentecost was the holy convocation of the Feast of Weeks, the day on which the Church was founded. Last Sunday marked the start of the fiftieth or jubilee year of the restitution of the apostolic faith and revelation of the Seven Seals which "finished the mystery of God".

Brother Branham said, "God has 'lotted His people of every Age a Scripture; and before the Age can come to existence, in time, then the churches has got it so mixed up that they don't know where they're at" (Feast of Trumpets, p. 10:66).

This world order is on an irreversible death march to Armageddon. Nothing will stay its hastening steps on the broad way that leads to destruction. The one place of safety is in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ by way of the strait gate of Brother Branham's Message. The Pentecostal jubilee will be the release when the dead in Christ arise and we are changed in the atoms and caught up together with them to meet the Lord in the air.

Our main article explains Christ's offices and dispensation claims: Son of man, Son of God, Son of man (again), and Son of David, together with other doctrines His end-time Bride must understand in order to "rightly divide the Word of truth." For in these last days we must stand upon the razor's edge of the Capstone honed to perfection and dare not stray to the right or to the left from the strict path of virtue.

This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be confirmed personally in your own Bible.

Your brother-in-Christ, Anthony Grigor-Scott

The Salvador Option for Syria": US-NATO Sponsored Death Squads integrate "Opposition Forces"

May 28, 2012 — "The Salvador Option" is a "terrorist model" of mass killings by US sponsored death squads. It was first applied in El Salvador . . . resulting in an estimated 75,000 deaths. John Negroponte had served as US ambassador to Honduras from 1981 to 1985 . . . he played a key role in supporting and supervising the Nicaraguan Contra mercenaries who were based in Honduras. The cross border Contra attacks into Nicaragua claimed some 50,000 civilian lives.

In 2004, after serving as Director of National Intelligence in the Bush administration, John Negroponte was appointed US Ambassador to Iraq, with a very specific mandate: the setting up of the "Salvador Option" for Iraq. The US Ambassador to Syria (appointed in January 2011), Robert Stephen Ford had been part of Negroponte's team at the US Embassy in Baghdad (2004-2005). In this regard, "The Salvador Option" for Iraq laid the groundwork for the launching of an armed insurgency in Syria in March 2011.

In relation to recent events, the killing of 108 people including 35 children in the border city of Houla on May 27 was, in all likelihood, committed by US sponsored death squads under the "Salvador Option for Syria." The deaths of civilians have been casually blamed by the Western media on the Al Assad government and the incident is being used as pretext for a "humanitarian" R2P intervention by NATO. Outright media fabrications, including the manipulation of images by the BBC suggest that the Syrian government was not behind the massacre . . .

Ford also played a role in the recruitment of Mujahideen mercenaries from neighboring Arab countries and their integration into Syrian "opposition forces". . . Obama's newly appointed CIA head, General David Petraeus played a key role in the organization of covert support to Syria's rebel forces, the infiltration of Syrian intelligence and armed forces, etc.

Petraeus played a key role in Iraq's Salvador Option. He led the Multi-National Security Transition Command (MNSTC) "Counterinsurgency" program in Baghdad in 2004 in coordination with John Negroponte and Robert S Ford at the US Embassy in Baghdad. . . Full story:

Who is the Threat to World Peace? Christians, Jews, or Muslims!

May 30, 2012 — Since the 1979 Iranian revolution and the downfall of the US Puppet Ruler the Shah Iran has been an Islamic state. In that interval of time, 1979 to the present, Iran has not invaded anyone. Not once. People of all religions live in peace in Iran, even Jews, who find life so comfortable in Iran they refused an offer by the government of Israel to emigrate [Remembering Genesis 27:39-41 and the calamity of Iraqi émigrés who were Semitic Israelites and not Jews]!

In the same period of time, Israel, a self-declared Jewish state, attacked Iraq in 1981, bombing the power station at Osirik, claiming it was a clandestine weapons factory. Subsequent examination of the ruins following the 2003 invasion proved Israel had lied. In 1982, Israel invaded Lebanon. This led to the massacres at Sabra and Shatilla. In February 2003 Israel staged incursions into Gaza and Nablus. In September 2007 Israel bombed Syria, again insisting they were destroying a clandestine weapons laboratory. Again there was no evidence to support Israel's claims. In 2006, Israel attacked Lebanon, killing 1,200, mostly civilians, several UN observers, and littering the landscape with land mines on their way out. In February 2008 Israel again raided Gaza, killing over 100.

HAMAS agreed to a cease fire and kept it for 6 months until November 4, when Israel again attacked without warning, killing 6 HAMAS members, and launching Operation Cast Lead. 1,300 Gazans, mostly civilians, were killed. Israel lost 13 soldiers. Violations of international law included the use of white phosphorus incendiary bombs against civilians and non-military targets. The United Nations investigated, but Israel refused to cooperate. In May 2010, Israel attacked an international aid flotilla in international waters bringing food and medical supplies to Gaza. Nine people were murdered including an American from New York.

In the same period of time, the United States, officially a secular nation but predominantly Christian attacked . . . [the 73 victim states listed]. Full story:

Comment: This alien-controlled rogue nation the United States is the image to the beast of Revelation 13:11-18, one of scores of expendable puppet states controlled by the Jews' City of London.

How Bill Kristol purged the Arabists

May 25, 2012 — [At a May 15 "debate" with Jeremy Ben-Ami of J Street, the pro-Israel organization, at B'nai Jeshurun synagogue on the Upper West Side], "Kristol was treated like royalty and came off as . . . a Republican Party warlord," bragging "about how all the hostile elements to Israel inside the Republican Party were purged over the last 30 years—(and) no one (now) dared to question the power of the Israeli lobby."

"The big story in the Republican Party over the last 30 years, and I'm very happy about this," said Kristol, is the "eclipsing" of the George H.W. Bush-James Baker-Brent Scowcroft realists, "an Arabist old-fashioned Republican Party . . . very concerned about relations with Arab states that were not friendly with Israel . . ."

That Bush crowd is yesterday, said Kristol. And not only had the "Arabists" like President Bush been shoved aside by the neocons, the "Pat Buchanan/Ron Paul type" of Republican has been purged . . . "Kristol admitted to playing a role in expelling members of the Republican Party he does not agree with." These are Republicans you had to "repudiate," said Kristol, people "of whom I disapprove so much that I won't appear with them."

"I've encouraged that they be expelled or not welcomed into the Republican Party. . ." Kristol's point: Refuse to toe the neo-con line on Israel, and you have no future in the Republican Party. . . Full story:

How will they Classify You?

Here is the US military's entire plan for internment camps . . . coming to a town just like yours very soon . . . wherever you live. Full story:

Comment: Do you now understand why the Iraqis hated the "FREEDOM" George II was dispensing! Our recently appointed Jewish "Foreign Affairs Minister" gave Syrian diplomats 72 hours to leave the country, pretending the nation is incensed at the massacre of 118 Syrians, almost certainly at the hands of thugs 'fronting' for the CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD invaders! A global repetition of the cold-blooded cruelty and injustice dispensed by the 'City of London' during the Bolshevik pogroms is on its way and I am beginning to realize the words "great" and "tribulation" are masterfully understated.

The Russians are coming! First Joint 'Top Gun' Drills to be held in US

May 25, 2012 — Russian and American airborne forces will hold joint drills in the US. The anti-terror exercises scheduled for May 2012 will get off to a flying start with a tactical landing operation and "terrorist" camp raid . . .

The drills were arranged by the Russian Airborne Command and a US military delegation in Moscow last December. Russian soldiers will receive preparatory training in Colorado's Fort Carson with the US weaponry and equipment they are to use during the operation. Drills include parachuting, operation planning, reconnaissance, assault operations and evacuations by helicopter. "According to the exercise scenario, soldiers of the two countries will hold a tactical airborne operation, including reconnaissance of an imaginary terrorists' camp and a raid," Colonel Kucherenko revealed. The drills will take place between May 24 and 31. . . Full story:

Comment: The real terrorists are based due east of Fort Carson. The objective is to dissolve the concept of sovereign nations. Clever Lucifer is giving Russia the key to the US; their prophesied invasion and occupation of mainland USA after the earthquake sinks Los Angeles is a fait accompli.

Executive Order 13563

May 8, 2012 — On May 1, President Barack Obama signed a new Executive Order which opens the door for the United States to give up economic and environmental sovereignty through the promotion of a single international regulatory system. Are we approaching the time of a one world government? . . .

Section 1. Policy. Executive Order 13563 of January 18, 2011 (Improving Regulation and Regulatory Review), states that our regulatory system must protect public health, welfare, safety, and our environment while promoting economic growth, innovation, competitiveness, and job creation. In an increasingly global economy, international regulatory cooperation, consistent with domestic law and prerogatives and US trade policy, can be an important means of promoting the goals of Executive Order 13563.

The regulatory approaches taken by foreign governments may differ from those taken by US regulatory agencies to address similar issues. In some cases, the differences between the regulatory approaches of US agencies and those of their foreign counterparts might not be necessary and might impair the ability of American businesses to export and compete internationally. In meeting shared challenges involving health, safety, labor, security, environmental, and other issues, international regulatory cooperation can identify approaches that are at least as protective as those that are or would be adopted in the absence of such cooperation. International regulatory cooperation can also reduce, eliminate, or prevent unnecessary differences in regulatory requirements. Full story:

Comment: It is no coincidence that May 1 is the anniversary of the founding of the Illuminati, and the objective of this EO is to advance the Illuminati's objective of establishing Lucifer's totalitarian one world government. May 1 is also Beltane, Walpurgis Night, signing of the American Declaration of Independence, Labour Day, International Workers' Day Law Day (USA), beatification of John Paul II, and Obama's fraudulent announcement of Osama bin Laden's murder.

London Olympics 2012 Illuminati Conspiracy?

April 17, 2012 — Is the media predicting a 'terrorist' attack at the London 2012 Olympic Games? The 9/11 false flag event was 'predicted' in the media. There seems to be sufficient evidence that another false flag event has been planned for the Olympic Games. Decide for yourself once you have watched this presentation. Full story: Important

Comment: Features Bill Gates again pushing his eugenics proposal.

Octave Day of the Ascension Double Major Feast

May 24, 2012 — Vatican II's anti-Catholic and Modernistic teaching on Judaism and the Judaeophile Newpopes JPII-Wojtyla and Benedict-Ratzinger must be accepted as doctrine by Newchurchers, as well as by Bernie Fellay and his Neo-SSPX. Benedict-Ratzinger's new (appointed July 1, 2010) President of Ratzinger's Pontifical Commission for Promoting Christian Unity, Kurt Koch, a fellow Swiss with Fellay, declared on May 16, 2012.

The declaration was issued on the same day that Newcardinal William Levada's Congregation for the Doctrine of the [New Order] Faith met in plenary session to consider Fellay's sellout to the New Order sect. Koch made it clear that Benedict-Ratzinger would stand no opposition to the new Vatican II doctrine, espoused in its declaration Nostra Aetate. The Neo-SSPX's position that Jews must convert to Christ is unacceptable and is just one of the "questions to clarify in discussions with this community." The Neo-SSPX's senior bishop, Richard Williamson, has also questioned the exaggerated version of the World War II "holocaust" espoused by secular Jewish organizations for political purposes. Fellay himself, at least in the past, has rejected Judaism, but has been flip-flopping lately on doctrine in order to please his new master, Ratzinger.

Koch declared for Ratzinger that the Modernist Vatican II Council is just as binding on Newchurchers and the Neo-SSPX as the dogmatic Council of Trent. Acceptance of all the teachings of Vatican II, Koch revealed, will be required before Fellay's attempted sellout of the Neo-SSPX to the New Order sect can go through. Koch further stated that denial of the "holocaust," which is disputed in its details by several modern historians, is grounds for excommunication, and that for Ratzinger, Jews are no longer required to convert to Jesus Christ. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Catholic News Service].

Good Catholics, here you realize all the more what Fellay has sold out. Now he is even denying that a belief in Jesus Christ as Messias and God is no longer necessary for salvation, a denial that is opposed to numerous statements of Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself in the New Testament. Just last Holyday of the Ascension, we heard in the Gospel of the feastday: "Go ye into the whole world and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved: but he that believeth not shall be condemned" (Mark 16:15-16/DRV). Fellay is truly on the verge of heresy in his attempts to become the lapdog of Ratzinger and his New Order sect. Full story:

Brother Branham said, "After the Church is taken away, Rome and the Jews will covenant with one another [Daniel 9:27]. The Bible said they would, with the holy people. And now notice, they'll make it, because why? This nation is going to be busted, and the rest of the world that's on the gold standard is busted. You know that. If we're living off of taxes, due bills for forty years from now, where are we at? There's only one thing can happen. That's to call in the currency and pay off the bonds; and we can't do it. Wall Street owns them, and Wall Street's controlled by the Jews; the rest of it's in the Vatican, and the Jews has got the rest of it in Wall Street with the commerce of the world" (Revelation of the Seven Seals, p. 168:5; Lord, just Once More, p. 22:178).

"Now remember, it was Imperial Pagan Rome that fell by the sword. But she was healed of her death stroke when she joined to the nominal Christian church of Rome and incorporated paganism and Christianity, and thereby became the Holy Roman Empire which was to endure until Jesus came and destroyed her [Revelation 13]. But Rome is not going it alone. Her daughters are right with her and she will take over absolute authority by the World Council of Churches."

"This may seem farfetched to some but actually it is very plain for all to see because right now the churches are controlling politics and at the opportune time will manifest exactly how great is that control. This ecumenical move will end up with Rome at the head even though the people did not envision it that way. This is so because in Revelation 17:3-6 it states that the whore, Mystery Babylon is seated on the beast. She is controlling the last or fourth empire. This Roman Church is doing that. With the world church system under her Rome will be controlling, and this image (church system) will be obedient to Rome because Rome controls the gold of the world."

"Thus all the people have to belong to the world church system or be at the mercy of the elements for they cannot buy or sell without the mark of the beast in the hand or head. This mark in the head means that they will have to take the doctrine of the world church system which is trinitarianism, etc., and the mark in the hand which means to do the will of the world church. With this great power the church systems will persecute the true Bride. This image will try to keep the Bride from preaching and teaching, etc. Her ministers will be forbidden to give comfort and truth to the people who need it. But before the antichrist (in person) takes over this complete world system of churches the true Church will be taken away from this world to be with the Lord. God will catch away His Bride for the great Marriage Supper of the Lamb" (An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages, p. 376:1).

The Son of David, will He be Spiritual or Physical?

This excellent question whether the Son of David will be a 'parousia' or a physical 'erchomai' Coming was put by a senior minister. Our response is more wide-ranging as the question presented us with the prospect of addressing some important doctrines that will edify a broad spectrum of our readership.

One might be confused by a reading of Ezekiel 37 which appears to merge "the Day of vengeance of our God" with "the thousand years of peace." The short answer is that Jesus will take the office Son of David at His second "physical" (Gk. 'erchomai') return which will be His third Coming. Christ's first Coming was His physical birth through the womb of the Virgin Mary for His prophetic office as "the" Son of man; (a Gk. 'erchomai' Coming). From the inauguration of the Church on the Day of Pentecost He exercised the mediatorial office "Son of God" as our Go-between, Comforter and Advocate (Gk. 'parakletos') until the Laodicean Church Age ended on March 8, 1963 when He opened the Seven Seals. The Prophet said "a blast went off like an earthquake" as the Seven Seals opened that day on Sunset Mountain and he was caught up into a constellation of the theophanies of the seven angels to the Church Ages and told to return to his Church in Jeffersonville where the mystery of the Seven Thunders would be revealed. (See Newsletter 718, other Newsletters and the Prophet's sermons).

Throughout the Church Ages the Bible was sealed with Seven Seals so the saints had only PART-Word which prevented their unity in the faith and new birth. But Christ interceded for their ignorance of the fullness and received their faith in the Message of the angel to their day—Paul, Irenaeus, Martin, Columba, Martin Luther, John Wesley, or William Branham. He "winked at their ignorance" of the fullness yet undisclosed (Acts 17:30) and baptized them into their place in the Body. Christ was only interceding for His elect whose names were written in the Lamb's Book of Life, and only until the Seals were opened and "the mystery of God was finished in the days of the Voice of the seventh angel" William Branham (Revelation 10:7). He could intercede for ignorance, but He cannot mediate for "sin" which is unbelief in the revealed Word. He did not mediate for the non-elect who are not in the Lamb's Book of Life and cannot be born-again, but so long as their names remain in the Book of Life they will be granted into eternal Life at the White Throne Judgment.

As the Seals are open and their mystery is revealed the elect have no excuse for ignorance and no need for a Mediator. I Corinthians 13:10: "When that which is perfect [or complete] has come—[the fullness of the Word, which is Christ] then PART-Word and mediation shall be done away with." So all these little things of jumping up-and-down like a kid, trying to talk in tongues, and all these other things, "when that which is perfect . . . [has come]." And we do have today, by God's help, the perfect interpretation of the Word with Divine vindication. "Then that which is in part is done away with. When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child; but when I become a man, I put away childish things." Amen" (William Branham, COD, p. 1005:57).

In Revelation 4 which was fulfilled after the close of the Laodicean Church Age we see the seven portions of the Spirit that reflected the Light of God through the angels to the seven Church Ages are back before the Throne. They are called "seven lamps of Fire" (Revelation 4:5). Proverbs 20:27 says "the spirit of man is the lamp of the Lord," and in John 5:35 John the Baptist is called "a burning lamp." These seven Spirits are found to be associated with man. In Revelation 5:6 the seven Spirits are identified as seven eyes and Zechariah 4:10 asks, "Who has despised the day of small things [God revealed in simplicity]? For they shall rejoice, and shall see the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel [a type of our Lord Jesus Christ] with those seven [Church Age messengers], they are the eyes of the Lord." It is evident "they" are men. Thus we see that the eyes of the Lord in this instance are seven anointed men, full of the Holy Ghost, for God's ministries are not in the power of men but of the Holy Ghost. Putting our Scriptural discoveries together it is evident that the seven Spirits of God refer to the continuous ministry of the same Holy Spirit in the lives of seven men with whom God identifies Himself very closely. They are His eyes, and His lamps (Matthew 5:14; John 8:12; 9:5).

In the Tabernacle and Temple the seven golden lampstands in the Holy Place reflected the Light from the Shekinah over the Mercy Seat of the Throne in the Holy of Holies into the laver in the Outer Court (John 3:5; Acts 2:38-39) after the type of God's first Bible, The Witness of the Stars where "God made two great lights; the greater light [or Sun, a type of Christ] to rule the day, and the lesser light [the Moon or Church] to rule the night [by reflecting Light in the absence of the Sun or S_o_n]; He also made the Zodiac [or stars, representative of the angels of Adam's race who are carriers of reflected Sun or S_o_n Light]".

Taurus (the Bull) forms the second sign of the Zodiac which was assigned to Joseph (Deuteronomy 33:17) whose younger son Ephraim stood at the head of Manasseh and Benjamin guarding the western approach to the Holy Place. In the New Testament the living creature like a calf or ox, a beast of burden and sacrifice, represents the saints of the Thyatira Age who laboured faithfully unto death through almost a thousand years of Judaeo-Roman persecution in the Dark Ages under the Second Seal. Taurus signifies Jesus Messiah, the coming Judge, Ruler and Lord of all the Earth, rushing forward with mighty energy to push, pierce through with his horns and destroy his enemies (Psalm 44:5; 92:10; Isaiah 13:11-15; 34:2-8; 24:21; II Thessalonians 1:7-9; Revelation 6:12-17). The stars in Taurus present a brilliant sight. Isaiah 9:6 instructs us: "the government shall be upon His shoulder"; here we find the constellation Pleiades, which means "the congregation of the judge or ruler" (Job 9:9; 38:31-32; Amos 5:8). The brightest star is Alcyone; her sisters are Merope, Celaeno, Maia, Taygeta, Electra, and Sterope. Revelation 1:16, 20, "Christ had in His right hand seven stars . . . [which are] the angels of the seven Church Ages [under preeminence]," and His Church is the fruit of the ministry of the sevenfold Spirit of God in the seven "angels" which are represented as "seraphim" in Isaiah 6:2, 6.

Referring to visions seen years beforehand and their fulfillment in Brother Branham's catching up into the pyramid-shaped constellation of angels, he said on March 24, 1963: "Did you notice that one Angel, I said in there, was a strange Angel? He looked more to me than any of the rest of them. You remember that? They were in a constellation—three on a side and one on top. And the one right next to me here, counting from the left to the right, would've been the seventh Angel. He was brighter, meant more to me than the rest of them. You remember, I said he had his chest out like that, and was flying eastward. You remember like that? And I said, "It picked me up, lifted me up." Do you remember that"?

"Here it is. The one with the Seventh Seal, the thing that I've wondered all my life. Amen. Them other Seals meant a lot to me, of course, but, oh, you don't know what this has meant. . . "I want you to notice what taken place, and if you're listening to the tape of "What Time Is It, Sir?" [Ministered on December 30, 1962], you will notice that one angel was very notable [Gk. 'epiphaneia,' Strong's 2015/2016: brightness, conspicuous, notable] to me. The rest of them just seemed ordinarily; but this Angel was a noted Angel. He was to my left in the constellation in a form of a pyramid. [The Great Pyramid build by Enoch before the Flood was God's second Bible and declares the same Message as His Witness of the Stars, and His third and final Bible, the paper and ink we now read]. And you remember, it was in the [vision of the] pyramid where the mysterious white rock was not written on. And the Angels took me into that pyramid of themselves, the mysteries of God known only to them. And now, they were the messengers that come to interpret that pyramid or that Message of the secret of these Seven Seals which lays with inside the pyramid."

"Now, the Angel was to my left, would really be the last, or seventh Angel, if we would count them from left to right, because he was on my left, me looking to him towards the west, him coming towards the east would be on the left side, so that would be the last angel's Message: very notable. You remember how I said he had kind of his head back, and his great sharp wings, and how he flew right to me. Now, that is this Seventh Seal. It's still is a notable thing. We don't know what it is as yet, because it's not permitted to be broken. [The revelation of the unwritten Seventh Seal of Revelation 8:1 is the mystery of the previous six written Seals that can only be revealed to you by the Lord who is known by the Logos not the Rhema, "for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives Life" (II Corinthians 3:6)]. But now, each one of you in the meeting has noticed that what a meeting it's been. Everybody just seemed to be right on the end of their seat, and everybody standing around here at one and two o'clock in the afternoon waiting for the doors to open to get up here in the front, standing around the walls, cramped limbs, and everything. What is it? It's been the Holy Spirit sending down these messengers, and they have been revealing it to us. And then notice how it's dovetailed with the Word, exactly."

"And then to let you all know that this is truth, He foretold it about two months now, or more, before it ever happened, that when I went west, not knowing it, come back here with the interpretation as He has given it. Now, remember, in the vision, He never told me one thing in the vision when He took me up. I was scared, afraid I was going to die, be killed in an explosion. You see, they could not do it. The interpretation come just as I had need of it; that was in the room. And I gave it out just as He give it . . ." (The Revelation of the Seven Seals, p. 560:4 – 561:1; 578:1-4).

In Revelation 4 after the end of Laodicea we find the slain Lamb has left the altar of sacrifice, and there being no blood on the Mercy Seat it is a Judgment Seat: "lightnings and thunders and voices proceed from the Throne" and there can be no mediation. In Chapter 5 the Lamb becomes the Lion of the tribe of Judah, and when the elders advertise for our Kinsman Redeemer He takes the Book of (mortal) Life which is the genealogy of the first Adam wherein a small section is called the Lamb's Book of (eternal) Life which is the Spiritual genealogy of the last Adam that contains the names of His Old and New Testament elect. And the four living Creatures which signify the New Testament saints and the twenty-four elders—twelve Patriarchs and twelve apostles—"sung a new song, saying, You are worthy to take the Book, and to open its Seals: for You were slain, and have redeemed us to God by Your blood out of every kindred and tongue and people and nation; and made us kings and priests to our God: and we shall reign on the earth".

Since the Church Ages ended in early March 1963 Christ is no longer Mediator but King of kings and Judge: He returned to earth in W_O_R_D form between March 17—24, 1963 through the mouth of His prophet William Branham by the revelation of the Seven Seals and resumed the prophetic office "Son of man" (John 5:27). This was His second or 'parousia' Coming in the fullness of the W_O_R_D, NOT the second physical return of the glorified Jesus Messiah, and He is present NOW.

After His priestly ministry as Son of God was fulfilled and before His physical return as Son of David, the Scripture promises He will return in the prophetic office Son of man in the physical form of His end-time Bride. Revelation 10:8-11, "And the Voice which I . . . (insert your name here) . . . heard from heaven spoke to me again, and said, Go and take the little Book which is open in the hand of the angel who is standing on the sea and on the earth. So I went to the Angel, and asked Him to give me the little Book. And He told me, Take it, and eat it! It will make your belly bitter, but shall be sweet as honey in your mouth. And I took the little Book out of the Angel's hand, and ate it; it was sweet as honey in my mouth: and when I had eaten it, my stomach was made bitter. Then He told me: You must prophesy again about many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings".

The purpose of this end-time Message is to restore Christ's end-time Bride to the apostolic faith, "finish the mystery of God," and bring us to maturity in the unity of the faith for the manifestation of the sons of God and the translation. It is Christ incarnating Himself in His Church. Redemption was over when the last saint predestinated to the Laodicean part of the Body was born-again and mediation was fulfilled. And because Christ's end-time Bride and the 144,000 elect Israelites are foreordained to receive the perfect interpretation of the Word we do not require mediation and were fully redeemed in Christ on Calvary. The whole creation is waiting for the last saint ordained to the Capstone to recognize her day and its Message and take her place in the Body (Romans 8:19).

Christ's offices of Prophet, Priest and King are typed in the Old Testament. As Son of man, "the Prophet of Nazareth" came through the Virgin's womb; as Son of God He was our High Priest and Mediator throughout the Church Ages. The revelation of the Seven Seals in 1963 brought the fullness of the anointed Word back to earth as Son of man through the virgin lips of His prophet. As Son of David the glorified Jesus will return for the millennium with the glorified saints of all Ages and we shall "tread down the wicked; for they will be [atomic] ashes of the under the soles of our feet" (Malachi 4:1-3). He comes as Son of Man, Son of God, Son of Man, and Son of David.

Sign of Christ's parousiaRevelation 1:7 says, "Behold, He comes with clouds; and every eye shall see him"—not natural atmospheric clouds of moisture but the Shekinah or Supernatural Pillar of Cloud and Light that spoke with Moses from the bush and led the children of Israel through the wilderness; and not necessarily natural sight but the eyes of faith. Ezekiel 1:28 describes it as "the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord." From Matthew 24:3 we learn this was "the sign of His 'parousia' Coming." The Lord showed this Cloud to Brother Branham in a vision in 1962, having told him years before that when certain things transpire he was to "go west." You might like to search these Keywords in The Seventh Seal. On February 28, 1963 the head of Christ appeared over Arizona in the late evening skies, wigged as the Judge described in Daniel 7:9. The article in Life Magazine, May 17 1963 says: "Watchers struck by the cloud's odd shape and huge size, took pictures, like these four, at different times and from widely scattered locations in the state. Dr. James McDonald, a meteorologist at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics in Tucson, has been accumulating the pictures. Using them as the basis for trigonometric calculation, he has made a startling discovery that the cloud was at least 26 miles high and 30 miles across—"a lot higher and bigger," he says, "than a cloud should be. The circle was too high to be made by a jet plane, and so far as Dr. McDonald can determine, there were no rockets, rocket planes or bombs being tested nearby that day. He hopes anyone else with pictures will lend them to him, for he would like some more clues about the cloud 26 miles up—no water droplets exist at that height to make a cloud".

Science Magazine, April 19, 1963Science Magazine, the official publication of the American Association for the Advancement of Science had the Cloud picture on the front cover of its April 19th, 1963 issue. A face is visible in this picture. An abstract was drawn up and printed under the heading 'Stratospheric Cloud over Northern Arizona': "An unusual ring-shaped cloud was widely observed over northern Arizona near sunset on 28 February 1963. From initial computations based on the four photos taken in Tucson, 190 miles south of the cloud, its altitude was approximately 26 miles. The most distant observation was made 280 miles from the cloud. The cloud remained sunlit for 28 minutes after local sunset. Iridescence [rainbow-like colors] was noted by many observers. Tentatively, the cloud may be regarded as similar to a nacreous [pearly] cloud; but its unusually great height, plus its remarkable shape, suggests that it was a cloud of previously unrecorded type." This report was written by James E. McDonald, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, University of Arizona at Tucson. The Collier's Encyclopedia included a picture and a report on this cloud in its 1963 Yearbook.

A similar manifestation of the Shekinah will appear in Israel at the close of the Gentile dispensation. Zechariah 14:4, "His feet shall stand in that day upon the Mount of Olives, which is before Jerusalem on the east." This is of course a metaphor signifying judgment; His precious feet will not touch this earth until after the consummation of Life. He will come to Israel in the office of Son of man and Judge through the ministry of their prophets as He came to us "and they also which pierced Him"—the 144,000 elect Israelites—will see Him through the eyes of faith. Matthew 24:29-31 says the Gentile dispensation will close with an unprecedented convulsion of nature, and "the sign of the ['parousia' Coming of the] Son of man shall appear in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man Coming in the Clouds of heaven with power and great glory. And He shall send His angels (Zechariah 4; Revelation 11) with a great sound of [the seventh] Trumpet (I Corinthians 15:52; I Thessalonians 4:16; Revelation 11:15), and they shall gather together his elect [by their revelation of the feast of Trumpets] from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other."

Matthew 24 and Revelation 1:7 describe three diverse groups at three different times. "Every eye" of Christ's end-time Bride sees or understands His second or 'parousia' Coming in the holy convocation of the fiftieth day of the antitype of Israel's Pentecostal feast. Three and a half years after our translation "those who pierced Him will also see Him" when blindness is removed in the birth of the nation in one day—all 144,000 of them—after the martyrdom, resurrection and ascension of their Hebrew prophets at the start of the second half of Daniel's Seventieth Week (Romans 11:15, 25-27; Revelation 11:7-12). Finally, "all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of Him," that is, the foolish virgin who recognize they have missed the 'rapture' and other classes of "the saved" who must lay down their lives in death in order to retain their names in the Book of Life and salvation.

Since the Hebrew dispensation ended in Israel's apostasy and Jesus foreknew that the Gentile Churches would conclude in apostasy (Romans 11:32; II Timothy 4:1-4; Revelation 3:17-20) He said: "Will God not avenge His own elect, who cry to Him day and night? Will He delay help on their behalf? I tell you He will vindicate them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man comes, will He find the faith on earth" (Luke 18:7-8)?

When He came to us the Son of man found the faith in William Branham whose theme in ministry was "Only believe, only believe; all things are possible, only believe." All other ministers were bound hand and foot by the Babylonian creeds and traditions and Jewish fables of Judaeo-Romanism. When the Son of man returns back to Israel He will find the faith in two Hebrews clothed in sackcloth. Their rabbis are all bound hand and foot in "the traditions of the elders codified in the lewd Babylonian Talmud which makes the Word of God of no effect" (Matthew 15:1-9).

In Acts 1:6-8 the disciples asked: "Will You at this time restore the kingdom to Israel again? Jesus replied: It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father has put in His own power." He was referring to "the times of the Gentiles" that began with Nebuchadnezzar's conquest of Judah and extend till "the Stone cut out of the mountain without hands breaks the Roman world empire in pieces at the consummation of life" (Daniel 2:45; 9:27; Revelation 17:16 – 18:20); and also to the antitypical seasons of Israel's annual festivals of Passover and Unleavened Bread, Pentecost, Trumpets, the Mourning of Atonement and the first six days of the feast of Tabernacles. These seasons and times will all be fulfilled during "the times of the Gentiles" which end with the consummation so that the kingdom cannot be restored to Israel until after the first resurrection is complete and the Son of David physically returns to reign with the glorified saints. "But you will receive power after the Holy Ghost has come upon you: and you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem and all Judaea and Samaria and to the very ends of the earth".

Jesus promised the Overcomer in the Laodicean Church Age, "I will grant him to sit with Me in My throne [or footstool which will be this earth in the millennium], even as I also conquered and sat down with My Father in His throne [which is heaven]" (Revelation 3:21; I Corinthians 15:19-29; Acts 7:49).

Isaiah 22:22 said of Jesus: "I will lay the key of the house of David upon His shoulder; so He shall open, and none shall shut; and He shall shut, and none shall open." David was king of Israel—all Israel, and Jesus is the Son of David who will sit upon the throne of David in the millennium and reign and rule over His heritage. So the key of David signifies that it is Jesus who will bring in the millennium (Revelation 3:7). He who has "the keys to death and hell" will raise up His own that they may share in His reign of righteousness upon the earth.

Isaiah 9:6 says: "the government shall be upon His shoulder." The phrase, "government upon His shoulder" comes from the wedding ceremony of the East. When the bride has been committed to the groom she takes off her veil and places it over the groom's shoulders, signifying that not only is she under his dominion—that she has transferred her rights to him—that he is the head—but also that he bears the responsibility and the care and that HE AND HE ALONE—NO ONE ELSE—NO OTHER MAN—NO OTHER POWER—HAS ANY RIGHT AND RESPONSIBILITY. And that, beloved, is the KEY of David. God being Sovereign, He foreknew by Divine decree exactly who would be in His Bride. He chose her. She did not choose Him. He called her. She did not come on her own. He died for her. He washed her in His own blood. He paid the price for her. She belongs to Him and to Him alone. She is wholly committed to Him and He accepts the obligation. He is her Head, for Christ is the Head of His Church. As Sarah called Abraham, Lord, even so the Bride is happy that He is her Lord. He speaks and she obeys for that is her delight" (William Branham, An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages, p. 296:4). nl738.htm

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